Mbale Gunfire Exchange Leaves One Dead

A civilian was this morning shot dead by a stray bullet fired by the police who were trying to chase a group of suspected thugs in Mbale.

Forty–year–old Suleiman Nalufumbi, a resident of Napulu village in Bumageni parish in Bunghoko Sub County, was hit as he was on his way to work. He was working as a security guard at Namombe Hardware House on Naboa road in Mbale town.

Diana Nandawula, the Elgon Regional Police Spokesperson, explained that they received information from their counterpart in Tororo about a group of thugs who had stolen a car from Tororo and were headed towards Mbale.

She said they acted swiftly and mounted a roadblock at about 6:45am at Nawuyo, a congested Mbale suburb along the Mbale – Tororo Highway to intercept the suspected thugs.

She said that shortly the three thugs arrived in a corona car registration number UAN 499 J which they stole from Tororo town on Monday. She said as soon as they saw the police; they immediately made a U-turn and sped off. The police started pursuing them before they branched off along a dusty road in Napulu village.

Nandawula said the police fired several bullets at the speeding vehicle shuttering its rear wind screen. She said one of the stray bullets hit the deceased on the head.

He was rushed to Mbale Regional Referral Hospital for attention but died of excessive bleeding some three hours after he was admitted at the Hospital.

Nandawula said the suspected thugs abandoned the stolen vehicle and escaped unhurt. Police has recovered the vehicle and is being kept at Mbale Central Police station waiting for the owner who registered the theft case at Tororo Central Police station.

At the time of filling this story, the body of the deceased was still lying at Mbale Regional Referral Hospital mortuary.

Nandawula says the police regret the incident and are in touch with the family members to arrange for the burial.

2 thoughts on “Mbale Gunfire Exchange Leaves One Dead

  1. That shows Police officers are not capable enough to handle weapons, a gun can only be fired at well aimed targets, and before one squeezes the trigger he or she must know his or her target and what is beyond it. The bad guys escaped and innocent man got killed. So sad.

  2. WOW we are in touch with the family member for the burial. Then we could also start shooting police officer and just offer them burial tokens who about that ? Does the police care
    about his orphans and projects that will now definitely stop? When Aryong was stoned over 20 people were arrested and charged even Besigye so will these police men be charged Nanadawula ?

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