M7 Advises Born-Again Christians On Investment


The President later donated Shs. 20 million to the new Liberty Worship Centre Cathedral and cut a cake on the occassion of its opening.
The President later donated Shs. 20 million to the new Liberty Worship Centre Cathedral and cut a cake on the occasion of its opening. PPU PHOTO.

Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni has advised born-again Christians in the country to use the same spirit they exhibit when contributing money for building houses of prayer to do the same and start income generating activities that will provide them with financial security.

“When Pastor Namutebi told you to stand up, she said you are investors who had combined forces to build the Cathedral. Now, I want you to use the same philosophy you used to build the Centre to become investors. Buy a maize mill so that you make money”, President Museveni counseled.

According to Sarah Kagingo, the Special Presidential Assistant on Communications, the president was Saturday officiating at the commissioning of Liberty Worship Centre International in Lugala, Rubaga Division in Kampala.

On arrival at the Centre, the President planted a tree at Liberty Sunday School, commissioned Liberty Medical Out-reach and later opened Liberty Worship Centre International Cathedral.

President Museveni congratulated Pastor Namutebi and the congregation on the big achievement of constructing the 25,000 seater-Cathedral as well as on preaching the word of God. He encouraged born-again Christians to use the same discipline of contributing funds to also open up income generating activities since they have good leaders who are honest.

The President also pointed out that freedom of worship was allowed in the country immediately NRM government came to power in 1986 and observed that indeed religious sects, like the born again churches, are doing a good job like shaping the future of the youth.

“We shall know them by their fruits……..From what you are doing, it seems your fruits are clear. If you are sincere with what you do, you can make a big contribution to your country”, he said.

The President later donated Shs. 20 million to the new Liberty Worship Centre Cathedral and cut a cake on the occassion of its opening.

The hostess, Pastor Imelda Namutebi, flanked by her husband Pastor Tom Kula, hailed President Museveni for honoring their invitation. She also thanked him and the NRM government for creating a conducive environment in the country where freedom of worship is guaranteed.

Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral pointed out that leaders are anointed by God and vowed to pray for President Museveni to continue leading this nation as the country still has challenges that need serious managers to solve.

The colorful function was attended by, among others, the Minister of Tourism, Wild Life and Heritage, Ms. Maria Mutagamba.

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7 thoughts on “M7 Advises Born-Again Christians On Investment

  1. To Pray is to move with God,to believe in God is to follow the traditions and beliefs already in place and to move with the Born Again Churches is to prove that the follower is weak and does not know what he wants.

    1. These people are great liers. Imelda claims that this building has been constracted on financial contributions from well wishers and balokele. But the truth is that all tthese so called Pastors indulge in smuggling of commecial goods without being taxed because the racket is sopported by some “powerful “people in State House and the Revenue Authority. Kayanja`s house used to the main store for smuggled wine and other things before some Police men discovered it. Has he even been charged ?

  2. Am not against all these new developments and magnificent structures….My only problem is that the source of the money helping all these mushrooming churches is never questioned. In other nations, even the sunday church collections are scrutinised by the relevant authorities and categorised as either church income. This church has apparently been built over a period of time mainly from church collections apparently….Am not disputing that fact, but it leaves a lot to be desired especially because the congregation is always left wallowing in draconian poverty

    1. Dick , don`t be duped . Less than 35% of the 7 + billion that was used to build this centre is from church contributions and genuine donations . The rest is fraud money i.e , bank loans that will never be paid because of fake securities , money from smuggling, and other underground financial activities. Incidentally , Nansubuga and her husband , who happen to be the owners of this property say that they both invested half a million !


    The large majority of the evangelicals in Uganda are spin-offs from the rejected evangelicals in the West that have failed to loot the public at home and turned their attention on the impoverished African population through their recruits some of who we see in the picture above.

    I would like to know who of the Kayanjas and Namutebis spend at least 1 hour a day,…or let me say 30 minutesday… personally feeding and clothing the sick and poor in the sprawling swampy, mushrooming slums of Kampala as Mother Theresa did as an example.
    Indeed show me one likeness of Mother Theresa among them who has little material wealth and doing as mother Theresa of the “sisters of the poor” did in the slums of Calcutta among other places. Show me one and I will follow him or her. The church
    and work of God is not in erecting massive stone buildings.

    The last and marginally close and true evangelist was Billy Graham before the evangelical movement was entirely taken over by Lucifer and indeed are able to perform what look like miracles and ingeniously “cherry pick” the bible to blindfold the unsuspecting public in hunger for spiritual fulfillment but indeed in total deception if anyone cares to truly read the bible.

    Meanwhile the “commercial pastors” walk away with the loot to lives of tax-free comfort better than holywood style in many instances but non-the-less a terrible sin to gather wealth in God’s name in deception at the command of Lucifer and his fallen battalions of fallen angels who retained their angelic powers and can perform
    miracles and continue to mislead God’s people.

    But thank God for in his name and authority, they will be taken away in permanent
    bondage in the end.

    Beware Ugandans for they will even perform miracles, and claim to come and “speak” in his name, but not all who make that claim are of God but Lucifer and not hard to see if you care to look.

    Meanwhile the NRM leaders in Uganda couldn’t be more pleased since these mushrooming churches, building massive stone structures help create a passivised, submissive, almost sedate, non-questioning, subservient, submissive but poor population which the NRM regime desperately wants as it is easy to rule and

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