Lightning Kills One, Six Injured

One person is confirmed dead and six others injured after lightning strikes on Sunday night in Amuria district.

The lightning bolt also damaged St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

The deceased was identified as Ben Etomet, a 52 year old resident of Akodokodoi village, Akodokodoi parish in Okungur sub-county, Amuria district.

Those admitted in hospital include; Odungul, Emmanuel Oriada, Elizabeth Apimo, Ekudo all residents of Okodokodoi parish, and Apolot Itika, a resident of Asamuk.

The incident happened in two separate places in Asamuk sub-county and Okungur that was curved out of Obalanga sub-county. Lightning bolts preceded by thunderstorms hit and burnt down the grass thatched hut in Aeket trading centre, Akodokodoi parish in Okungur sub-county killing one person instantly.

John Francis Oluma, the Amuria district chairperson, confirmed the incident and said that the victims were inside the hut drinking local brew commonly referred to as waragi.

Oluma said that the five were still in a critical condition at Amuria health Centre four and Kapelebyong health Centre III.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church which is still under construction in Asamuk sub-county was brought down on Sunday night during the heavy hailstorms.

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