KCCA: Over 2000 Street Bulbs Stolen

Efforts by Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA to improve street lighting in the city have suffered a setback as a result of vandalism targeting the newly installed solar lights.



Several sections of Kampla city have seen an improvement in street lighting over the past few months.

Some of the areas that have been worked on include Kibuli, Kabakanjagala, Mbogo and Usafi roads amongst others. However, KCCA has expressed concern on the rate at which, the street lighting equipment is being stolen.

The vandals target poles, cables and bulbs. Over 2000 bulbs have so far been stolen. Peter Kaujju, the KCCA Public Relations Officer says the vandalism is a huge set back to their efforts to light the city. He says Mukwano area is mostly affected.

He explains that the vandalism strains the already constrained KCCA budget, since they have to replace the lights.

Kaujju says the vandals target the street lights hoping that they will hurt KCCA, which is false because it is the tax payer’s money which goes to waste.

He says the public has not come up to report the vandals even some of them are known in the community. He says they hope to ride on community policing to protect the street light.

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  1. Is the above picture reversed? Is uganda now keeping right, thereby diverting from the British highway code that was established long ago? Please clarify.

    With the street bulbs i am not surprised.

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