Kalangala Ferry Stuck In L. Victoria

MV Pearl, a ferry that plies the Bugoma-Lukku route between Kalangala and Masaka districts is stuck yet again in the middle of the lake.


The ferry was making its first return trip from Kalangala to Masaka at 8.00am this Friday morning.

Although MV Pearl uses a maximum of 30 minutes to move between Bukakata and Lukku, the ferry has now remained resolute for over three hours.

According to Daudi Ssempiira, one of the people aboard, the ferry got stuck 10 minutes after departure from Bugoma.

About 87 passengers are on board.

The free to use ferry is owned and operated by Kalangala Infrastructure Services a subsidiary of Infraco, a company based in the United Kingdom.

When Contacted, the Ferry Public relations officer Meddie Kayondo lamented that it had passed through some fishing nets that got stuck in the engine and propellers prompting its immediate stop. He added that the engineers were onsite to rectify the problem.

This is the third time in a space of 12 months that the ferry has got stuck in the lake. In September last year, MV pearl got stuck in the Middle of the lake for about 10 hours prompting the need for a rescue boat to offload passengers

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