Kadaga Advised To Stop Debate On National IDs

Speaker of Parliament Hon. Rebecca Kadaga
Speaker of Parliament Hon. Rebecca Kadaga

Two individuals have written to the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga advising her to desist from debating issues concerning the National ID registration process saying that it violates the constitution.

The duo, Daniel Muwonge and Robert Mayanja in their letter informed Kadaga of the civil case that they filed in High Court in April challenging the on-going exercise saying that it is marred by irregularities.

The plaintiffs told the speaker that they have been informed that some legislators are preparing to table a bill to rectify the illegalities characterising the exercise and that the Minister of Internal Affairs was summoned to explain the same.

The case against the Attorney General was filed on April 23rd under civil suit No. 110 of 2014 and has been cause-listed before Justice Lydia Mugambe. They said that the planned incidents are in violation of Article 128(1) of the constitution which enforces the independence of the judiciary and requires all organs of the state to accord the courts such assistance as may be required.

They add that the incidents are also in contravention of the Sub-judice rule which bars any person or organ from commenting or pronouncing themselves on matters that are already before a court of law.

The two want the speaker to bring the concern to the attention of the MPs and to advise them to desist from actions that violate the constitution.

Speaker Kadaga on Tuesday 13th May demanded to know why the Minister of Internal Affairs wasn’t reporting progress of the National ID registration to the house. She therefore directed that the minister appears today to update the members and respond to concerns that were raised by the members concerning the exercise.

Earlier this month, the leaders of opposition parties had addressed journalists at parliament saying that the office of the Leader of Opposition was drafting a bill to table before the house seeking to regulate the exercise.

The plaintiffs seek to halt the exercise saying that there is no law regulating it and that the exercise is being supervised by Local Council one chairpersons whose mandate expired and was declared unconstitutional.
They say that these among other anomalies and irregularities will cause great financial loss to the taxpayer.

3 thoughts on “Kadaga Advised To Stop Debate On National IDs

  1. The Duo are not Ugandans and want the wishes of Museveni to be respected with fear and intimidation as usual.

  2. What can Ugandan institutions do well and be proud of such?? National IDs are a basic requirement for citizenry..Come on, people, lets get serious. irregularities, then court orders, the hearings, then theft of equipments, then loss of data, cycle of ineffectiveness…Lord have Mercy on greedy and good-for-nothing leaders in this World..
    I offer no action but information is freedom..

  3. Have you ever attempted to process for passport in the Loved country Uganda?? The foreigner will get the Ugandan passport earlier that a Ugandan (even after being forced to pay a bribe) stylized facts only for protection from likely oppressors..

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