Bukenya: Post NRM government Will be Unpopular

Prof. Gilbert Bukenya
Prof. Gilbert Bukenya

The incumbent government has not changed  the lives of Ugandans in areas of health and education, Professor Gilbert Bukenya, the former vice president has said.

According to Bukenya, this will make it very difficult for a post NRM government, which he says has to do a lot work in fighting corruption.

Bukenya served as VP in the incumbent regime for 8 years.  He however, told journalists this afternoon at parliament that apart from promoting upland rice and helping people to produce liquid soap during his tenure as VP, he didn’t do much since everything had to be ordered by the president.

Bukenya who has openly declared his intentions to contest the 2016 president elections also outlined his plans for Uganda. He wants to start by rationalizing the education system based on the human resource need of the country and train people to the needs of the country.

He also wants to identify talent and hidden skills that he says is rare in Uganda and create inventors unlike now where he says such people are considered stupid.

The former Vice President says the health system in Uganda is so poor yet in the 1960’s Uganda was a model for medicine students from other parts of the world.

Bukenya is also publishing a book currently being printed in Colombia and will be sold by the Amazon. He reveals that the book contains his experiences of political decision making, starting a small idea that explodes into a big success and his experience as a civilian in a war zone such as Northern Uganda and his visits’ to Internally displaced camps.

The book will be launched next month in Kampala. Bukenya’s prison experience is also one he will not forget to pen down though he has not included some allegations against people still in top government positions.

The former Vice President is expected to face disciplinary action after supporting an opposition candidate in the just concluded by elections in Luweero.

4 thoughts on “Bukenya: Post NRM government Will be Unpopular

  1. Post Museveni’s Uganda will be a transitional one, and a big mess since M7 will not leave quietly.

    1. Yap, his is likely to be a messy exit unless planned and executed extra carefully.

  2. I believe it likewise, the 30 years + m7’s incumbance has done more than harm to Uganda having skewed every other part of life in society. It will some how require radical stances in a post m7 era, which in many cases will cause a lot of confliction. However with a strong governance programme based on truth and reconcilation as well as relentless society awareness and senstisation campaings against all odds will tremendiously change the current trends in our midst. Definitely, the then government will have to do a lot of tangible developments appreciative in the masses ad having positive effects on the overall.

  3. Bukenya, You were number two and you should provide concrete solutions to this epidemic you manufactured and spread in our country. Much as i welcome your break away, i am yet to see you provide comprehensive solutions to the problems you created to our nation Uganda. You helped entrench Museveni’s dead philosophy and the rural population believed you as a professor. He used your credentials and now you are gone. believe me or not, professor he has reduced you to a gambler without authority. In my Kumam, dongo oloi, literally translated , maturity has evaded you. Sorry but true. You will dance around politics and later but too late to realize that you would have left your legacy in the profession you are qualified to serve in. However, you do Ugandans including myself good job as witness to us the hypocrisy of Mr. Museveni.

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