Army Changing Uniform Design To Beat Copycats

CDF Gen. Katumba Wamala dressed in digitized brown combat for Karamoja and Somalia deployments
CDF Gen. Katumba Wamala dressed in digitized brown combat for Karamoja and Somalia deployments

The Uganda Peoples Defence forces (UPDF) has decided to replace the existing universal camouflage pattern –UCP with the digitized combat uniform.

This is aimed at easier identification of the UPDF after two decades of donning the universal camouflage.

Recent criticisms by the international community had dented the UPDF image as M23 rebels clad in UCP fought in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The now defeated rebels had an outfit almost similar to the UPDF camouflage.

Gen. Katumba Wamala, the UPDF Chief of Defense Forces says the army will now have three  sets of uniform – one meant for woodland environment and another for arid areas like Karamoja.

He explains that the North, Central, South and part of Eastern Uganda will don the digital green uniform while digital brown would be reserved for parts like Karamoja. He adds that the plain green uniform will be reserved for Bombo and ministry of defense headquarters -Mbuya.

Capt. Denis Omara, the UPDF 3rd Division spokesperson welcomes the move saying the new uniform suits the region, He explains that the color of the vegetation and condition in which the army operates in the sub region are favored by the new kit. Above all, he notes the digitized uniform is smart and it will change the outlook of the soldiers.

Meanwhile, the soldiers in Moroto have intimated to the media that government had taken long to have a new uniform in place. The UPDF has already unveiled the new camouflage strategy and hopes by end of August the traditional uniform will have been phased out.

2 thoughts on “Army Changing Uniform Design To Beat Copycats

  1. OMG, Ugandan army going digital already !! Hmmm, that’s not a cheap stunt. Have u had a thought for the teachers, doctors and other key workers who not only haven’t had a pay rise, but also haven’t received their basic salaries in the last few months ???? come on UPDF , U can do better than that. No one is copying your uniform, u’re the ones selling your clobber to law breakers because u need some extra income

  2. Waste of money better pay teacher and police good wages and on time. That will invest in good security and stability. Neither guns or uniforms will create minds

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