Anne Kansiime’s Jokes Destroy Malawi

Reigning African queen of comedy Anne Kansiime last weekend turned Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi upside down with her bib cracking jokes.

People from all walks of life were at the show
People from all walks of life were at the show

The fully packed Bingu International Conference Center (BICC) was administered to a full dose of laughter as Anne cracked jokes in political, social, love and educational issues.

BICC auditorium, which ordinarily takes 2000 people, was bulging at the seams and even when the organisers attempted to add more movable chairs, they were eventually left with no choice but to send other would be patrons home due to lack of space.

Prior to the show tickets were on sale at K6, 000 and they were sold out. The K8, 000 entry charge did not deter the expectant patrons and approximately over 3,000 people attended the show.

“Do you all know why we are here?” asked Kansiime when she was equally shocked with the large number of the patrons when she appeared on stage.

“The [former] Speaker of Parliament is here, all the governors are here, former  presidents are here, are you sure you are not being misled?”


“There is a problem because I am just a comedian not a magician. I know voting is on Tuesday(tomorrow) and I am not contesting,” Kansiime who came on stage wearing a white mask and disguised herself as a dancer teased her audience which jubilantly cheered her on.

By 5:30 pm long queues of patrons were snaking away from several entrances of BICC auditorium.

Officials say 1,600 tickets were sold out by Friday afternoon while a thousand more wanted to pay at the gate, the organizers of the event, Concept Creative admitted that they were overwhelmed.

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24 thoughts on “Anne Kansiime’s Jokes Destroy Malawi

  1. Maybe I have no sense of humour, but what is so funny in the quoted lines? Perhaps the funny part was in her body language. I will wait for the video.

      1. It is an insult to oneself to proclaim that you have no sense of humour. That way, you remove all the doubt guys!

      2. Guys be informed. the basis of this line is that malawi is voting and so there is nothing political or campaigning going on but a comedy show. equally could read it that candidates turning up thinking a magician is gonna help them win the elections are in the wrong place…just simple logic but it turns out its not that apparent.

    1. You are right…. I also don’t see anything funny in the quoted lines, nor in the pictures.

      1. this is the problem of you people getting Used to Luganda Vulgar Jokes, so Local,

    2. True not funny at all.and don’t get me wrong but I don’t find her jokes funny

  2. So what is humourous about this whole thing! Neither Kansiime nor the story about her comedy seems to be visible anywhere, i must be missing something!

  3. There is no human being who is not useful, imagine the diminutive figure of Ann, there is another in Kenya called Inspector Mwala, exploit your skills lads!

  4. You know most of this Guys are used to Luganda Jokes, that is why they don’t understand Ann’s Jokes, Anne is a Natural Comedian, and her Jokes are funny and real, l Love you Ann

    1. Mind u her jokes are 90% Luganda, even those in English sound like Lugandaish because the way she speaks her English , its like a direct translation from Luganda to English. E.g in one of her clips she says “for me Am going to beat this ki-woman”

    2. But still, the picture does not show an audience shrieking with laughter….and those are not your Luganda speakers by the way.

  5. Ann is not a comedian but a sense of humourer, she immitates what others can not do but that can not make her a comedian, she has an art of making people laugh by reminding them some of our good times, so in our dictionary we have not found what she really is, in short she still has her audience they love her for that, sometimes me too though some of her Videos she exagerrates

  6. The photos do not reflect an audience “rocked with rib cracking jokes”. Maybe the cameraman shot at the wrong moment. People in the photos seem to be asking “when is she beginning giving us the jokes?”

    1. A number of them do not seem to be paying much attention to what’s going on on the stage, if anything.

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