Amama: Greater Kampala Metropolitan Law in The Offing

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi
Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi

Plans by government to table the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Law are in advanced stages, the Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has revealed.

Mbabazi was responding to a question raised by Biraahwa Mukitale, the Buliisa County MP who wanted to know when government intends to table the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Law.

Mukitale said that they expected the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Law in Parliament last year, but somehow ended up with the old Kampala City Law. He said that implementing, the old Kampala city law was not only problematic, but it was also affecting other sectors like infrastructural development, education and health.

Biraahwa said it would be difficult to continue planning for Kampala without Wakiso, Entebbe, Mukono and Bombo amongst others.

In his response, Mbabazi admitted that Kampala has expanded beyond its traditional boundaries. He said as government they feel the need to plan for the outskirts of Kampala. Mbabazi said the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Law has been delayed by the fact that government has not resolved the question of the boundaries of Kampala.

He explained that in the negotiations that led to the amendment of the 1995 Constitution and particularly dealing with regional governments they agreed with Mengo that they would create a new municipality of Rubaga. He said they further agreed that they would annex parts of Kampala Central especially those with artifacts, cultural sites or institutions and add them to Rubaga municipality.

Mbabazi noted that they agreed to create new boundaries for Kampala, which would take into account these changes and a compensatory mechanism would be made for the piece that would be given to the new municipality.

He said this process has not been completed adding that, once it’s done, Government should be able to come with a precise law with definite boundaries of Kampala.

2 thoughts on “Amama: Greater Kampala Metropolitan Law in The Offing

  1. Planning for greater Kampala is long over due. The idea of a law that includes surrounding towns would benefit all citizens if properly planned and executed. Do not plan for a shorter radius, think of greater Kampala in 50 to 100 years and include towns like Jinja which may be less than 80Km from Kampala city centre. The original thoughts of Entebbe as an administrative part of Kampala and Jinja as the industrial heart were fantastic but we messed them up!

  2. The idea sounds great but we do not have to turn Kampala into a mega-city by expanding its boundaries from Entebbe to Mukono to Bombo. In my view, we can create a law which caters for the proper development of all urban centres which border Kampala without incorporating them into one city.

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