Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary Happy With Numbers

Nakasongola based Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary head ranger Godfrey Lutalo is happy the number of Uganda’s rhino population has more than doubled in recent years.

This has renewed hope that the endangered animal will once again be able to roam free in the country’s parks.

“We had only six rhinos, three females and three males. So the three females have now given birth three times each, which is totaling up to 15 with the other adult males,” said Lutalo.Rhino

“We have not received any poacher here apart from the local poachers. When I say local poachers, I mean people who are poaching these small animals for meat but not poaching rhinos for business.

In order to prevent poaching, the conservancy assigns three rangers to monitor each rhino 24 hours a day.

In recent years, a rapid rise in poaching has threatened to undermine Uganda’s conservation efforts.

Rhino horns are a prized commodity in parts of Asia as some believe they have medicinal properties for several ailments. They can sell for up to Ug Shs 162 million per kilogram, more expensive than gold.

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