Pro-Mbabazi Youth Leaders Granted Bail

The Anti Corruption Court has granted bail to two youth supporters of Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi after a week in detention.


They include Omodo-Omodo, 29, the National Vice Chairperson of the NRM Youth League in Northern Uganda and Adam Luzindana Buyinza, 31, the national vice chairperson of NRM Youth League Kampala.

The duo is accused of abusing their authority when they fraudulently solicited, bribed, induced and tricked NRM members and mobilisers into signing a petition to convene a delegate’s conference to challenge party resolutions. They allegedly committed the offenses between January and March this year.

The two youths were first charged before court on Wednesday last week. But court denied them bail on grounds that most of their sureties apart from Jacqueline Mbabazi, were of their caliber.

Upon finding their six sureties substantial today, the accused persons were tasked to make a cash bail deposit of UGX 5 million and deposit their passports in court. Their sureties will each be required to execute a non cash bond of UGX 200 million and at least two of them deposit their passports with court.

“In regard to bail terms, abuse of office may not be considered a grave offense but because it’s a corruption related offense, such an offense of this nature must bear a reflection of the offense. In all, court finds merit in the bail application and hereby grants bail to each of the accused,” ruled Grade One Magistrate Michael Lagara.

Former Minister Hope Mwesigye Ruhindi, Noam­ Karagendo, an advocate with Equator law advocates, Dennis Namara, chairman NRM youth league and senior Presidential advisor on the youth, Juma Godfrey Okalabo , a technical director with Multicon associates stood surety for the suspects.

Others were Ruhindi Evas, a director at Emira associate and Ibrahim Kasozi, a managing director at Bico engineers and contractors.

Jacqueline Mbabazi, the wife to Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi was also present at court though this time she did not stand surety for the suspects as she did last week.

Prosecution led by Ms Jane Abodo; told court that investigations into the matter were not complete before asking court for more time.

By press time, the suspects were still in the court holding cells as arrangements to have the bail money banked were in progress.

The suspects return to court on May, 2 for mention of their case.

They were represented in court by Chris Bakiza, Michael Akampurira, Severino Twinobusingye, John Mary Mugisha, Patrick Machiika Mugisha and Dues Sembuya.

1 thought on “Pro-Mbabazi Youth Leaders Granted Bail


    A show of how deeply infiltrated, undermined, manipulated Uganda’s judicial system is at the hands of the current NRM regime.

    An Anti-corruption court that ought to be trying the country’s political elite for corruption political practices including human rights violations and habitual embezzlement of public funds not forgetting the current NRM regime’ police chief for the unlawful, undemocratic arrest of the ruling party’s youth leaders on tramped-up charges. Charges of corruption while the country is awash with a culture of political corruption and pathological embezzlement from the top down in the NRM regime’s political hierarchy.

    This corrupt executive culture continues unabated although the Anti-corruption court was created under pressure from international donors to curb financial misappropriations of millions of public funds by Government officials top-down.

    I need not elaborate the details as it is overwhelmingly blatant and became and continues to be the NRM culture for over 25 years.

    The Anti-corruption court has now been hijacked by the same regime to instead try dissenting voices of reason and demands for democratic rights.

    It is pathetic partisan suicide to imagine that in Uganda where the population of youth makes up an average of 80% of the population, who are also under 30 years old, the ruling party is now determined to silence the voice of their own party youth who have awaken to realizing that democracy is not just for the few but driven by a
    human instinct and yearning very innate, primitive and almost indescribable in

    Democracy is an idea very hard to kill or suppress.

    However the NRM regime’s higher cadres somehow believe and are determined to silence the dissenting voices who may have differing opinions as to who should lead them and how.

    Certainly food for thought to all the youth and all those that believe in democracy as a natural human right that cannot be bought or sold or denied any human being by another.
    A wake-up call to the youth in Uganda that the demand for democracy ought to begin with truly “free and fair” elections and partisan politics can then follow with successive parties coming to office based on free and fair elections, performance and not the political domination of one party through totalitarian rule.

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