Police Officer Arrested over UGX 10,000 Bribe

James Aiyerege, A Police officer in charge of Asuret Police post in Soroti district has been arrested for soliciting a bribe.

The police truck that was over speeding knocked one person dead
The police truck that was over speeding knocked one person dead

Sergeant Aiyerege is alleged to have solicited a bribe of UGX 10,000 from an assault victim, a resident of Asuret Sub County.  The money was reportedly meant for the purchase of a police form.

Police forms are supposed to be given out at no charge.

Aiyerege was arrested after a trap set by members of the Teso Anticorruption Coalition (TAC) following a tip off that he was soliciting for a bribe. The group photocopied the UGX 10,000 note that was given to the complainant.

Sam Arimon, the program officer, Teso Anticorruption Coalition (TAC) narrated that, the police officer was caught red-handed as he pocketed the money before sending the assault victim to his house to pick the police form from his wife.

Arimon expressed disappointment saying that, the Police forms are kept at the home of the in charge and whoever needs them has to pay UGX 10,000 to the officer.

Joab Wabwire, the Soroti District Police Commander confirmed the arrest. Wabwire adds that the case file is being processed and the police officer will most likely be charged for soliciting and receiving a bribe as soon as the file gets ready. He is currently held at Soroti Central police station.

John Calvin Elenyu, the LC3 chairperson Asuret sub county says he has several times received complaints from the community in Asuret about the conduct of the arrested police officer.

He says according to the assault victims they are charged UGX 10,000 for a Police form while other cases are charged between UGX 30,000 and 50,000 depending on the magnitude of the case.

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