Opposition Wants Kayihura Suspended Over Leaked Tapes

Former FDC leader Kizza Besigye addresses a press conference  in Kampala recently.
Former FDC leader Kizza Besigye addresses a press conference in Kampala recently.

Leaders of opposition parties have called for the immediate suspension of the Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura over the leaked tapes which revealed him to be investigating Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s alleged plan to run against President Yoweri Museveni in the 2016 elections.

The opposition leaders who have been campaigning for free and fair elections which among other things condemn the use of state institutions to entrench NRM/Museveni’s stay in power say that the tapes expose Kayihura as a partisan cadre.

Former Forum for Democratic Change party President Kiiza Besigye said that what is heard in the tapes is confirmation that all state institutions have been fused with NRM which is the core problem they are trying to solve in their campaign.

In the leaked tapes Kayihura is heard talking with intelligence officers about Mbabazi’s secret activities and how he is getting money from investors notably Chinese to fund his campaign telling them he will be the next President.

Uganda People’s Congress party president Olara Otunnu who read out the statement on behalf of his colleagues said that Kayihura is President Museveni’s hatchet man who is using his position as the IGP to execute the former’s political operations.

They accused Kayihura of using his position as IGP to provide him with a convenient cover, infrastructure and resources to carry out Museveni’s/NRM’s ulterior motives.

The leaders demand that a non-partisan parliamentary select committee be instituted to carry out full investigations into all aspects of the revelations contained in the tapes.

They also want the constituted committee to investigate the conduct and leadership of Kayihura s IGP and that he should be suspended as these investigations are going on.

FDC party president Mugisha Muntu says that what Museveni is doing is in total contempt and disregard of Ugandans saying that the content of the tapes is totally partisan and undermines any standard of professionalism of an IGP adding that in another country Kayihura would have already resigned.

Besigye said that the investigations by the suggested select committee would be for exposure purposes for the public which delegated its power to these people to know what is going on.

He says it is important that the people who have the ultimate power know what their president and his cadres do adding that the public must be brought to the centre because the power that is being abused comes from them.

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  1. we don’t suspension, he should resign. i am fed up with that guy’s actions, everyday embrasing our country eishe

  2. the one who is stronger beats you with the stick you have come with to fight. ha ha ha ha
    “akukizire akuteeza ogwokwaasire”” Kaihura baagya kumuteeza agwakwaasire!!!!

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