Mvara Demoted From Big League

The FUFA Competitions Committee (FCC) has demoted Mvara Boys FC and deleted all it’s results for the second round.

Mvara players surround The Saints' Musana during their second round game at Namboole.
Mvara players surround The Saints’ Musana during their second round game at Namboole.

Mvara Boys were found guilty of missing three consecutive FUFA Big League games without providing any justifiable reason.

FCC has come to learn from match officials report for Match No. 185 Ndejje University vs Mvara
Boys schedule on Saturday April 19, 2014 that your team did not turn up for the match. Further
match officials reports for match no 177 Lweza vs Mvara Boys scheduled on Thursday April 10,
2014 at Uganda Clays Kajjansi Ground and Match No 175 Mutundwe Lions vs Mvara Boys scheduled
on Saturday April 12, 2014 at Lubiri SS ground shows that your team did not honour the two away
encounters,” reads part of the communication form Ali Mwebi FCC’s secretary.

FUFA Competitions Rules Art 25;
3) A club failing to turn up for any league/competition match shall submit a written explanation to the TOC
within forty eight hours (excluding Sundays and public holidays) from the date of the match.
4) A club that fails to submit a written explanation as provided for in Rule 25(3) above shall be demoted as
provided for in Rules 25(7) and 25(8) below.
7) If such explanation is not accepted, the defaulting club shall be fined by the TOC and shall in addition:
b) lose the match by forfeiture and shall be docked three (3) points and three (3) goals from those
already accumulated in event that the defaulting club is the away club.
8) Any club in a league format that does not turn up for three (3) fixtures in a season and their explanation,
under Art 25(4), is not accepted in all the three(3) incidences shall be:
b) Demoted to the respective DFA 4th Division if the defaulting club plays in the FBL;
Mvara Boys FC is hereby, as per above provisions of FUFA Competitions Rules demoted from the 2013-14
FUFA Big league.
FCC reminds your club of Art 33(10) of Fufa Competitions Rules, should you require logging any
appeal over this FCC verdict.
On status of results and table standing afterwards,
Art 25 (9 and 10) states that;
9) If a club withdraws or is dismissed /demoted from a competition of the league format when it has played
less than 50% of the league, the results involving the withdrawn or dismissed club shall be nullified.
10) If at the time of withdrawal the club has played 50% and above of the league, the results of the first
round shall be sustained while all the results of matches in the second round shall be nullified.

In another development FUFA has also docked 3 points from Artland K for using ineligible players and awarded Mutundwe Lions a 0-3 win by forfeiture though most analysts confirm the points would have benefited The Saints in whose game players Kasule Abdul Karim and Nsimbe Eric ineligibly featured.

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