Mai-Mai Top Leader Paul Sadala Killed

The Mai-Mai is one of the over 45 rebel groups in eastern DRC.
The Mai-Mai is one of the over 45 rebel groups in eastern DRC.

Paul Sadala alias Morgan, the leader of the Mai Mai militia in the democratic republic of Congo is dead.

Sadala was killed on Monday afternoon in a gun fire exchange between his group and Congolese government forces at Molokai village in Orientale Province. His death comes a few days after the militia leader agreed to denounce rebellion and surrender all his ammunition to the government.

In Saturday 12th April, Sadala agreed to lay down arms and was taken Bunia for the final handover. He however, changed his mind and rejected the escorts assigned to him by government demanding that he is decorated general before he joins the government forces.

As a result, the soldiers met stiff resistance from Sadala’s guards and also received communication that the militia leaders had backtracked on his earlier commitment to surrender, which prompted them to respond with fire.

Gen. Fal Sikabwe, the commander of the government forces in Ituri says during the gunfire exchange Sadala was shot twice in both legs, which incapacitated his movement. He says the war lord lay unconscious due to over bleeding and died a few minutes later. Seven other Mai-Mai fighters were killed in the exchange, which also saw two Congolese government soldiers sustain serious injuries.

The war lord’s body was transferred to Bunia referral Hospital Mortuary, where it is being protected by the Congolese government army.

The deceased was facing several charges of murder and rape. He was accused of ordering the killing of hundreds of civilians and raping over 24 women in Mambasa territory between 2010 and 2013.

In June 2012, Sadala is also reportedly ordered the attack on Epulu Wild life reserve where several animals were killed.

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