Lukwago Ruling: Court Dismisses AG Objection

Lukwago flanked by his supporters addresses the press after the ruling on Friday.
Lukwago flanked by his supporters addresses the press after the ruling on Friday.

The Supreme Court has ruled that there is no merit in the primary objection of Erias Lukwago’s case and adjourned hearing of the case to 24th April.

Lukwago last week petitioned the Supreme Court to reverse the decision by the Court of Appeal that ordered him out City Hall moments after he had resumed duty.

Lukwago in his interim injunction application wants the Supreme Court to allow him perform his mayoral duties until that time when his appeal challenging Justice Steven Kavuma’s decision is heard and determined.

The Supreme Court today, declined to grant the Attorney General’s request that over turned the earlier orders by the High Court reinstating Lukwago.

5 thoughts on “Lukwago Ruling: Court Dismisses AG Objection

  1. These people don’t seem to get it……Its like the Attorney General and Tumwebaze are out to prove a point. This is not about the legality of whether or not Lukwago is the mayor, its has clearly become a personal issue with the Mayor on one hand and Tumwebaze/Nyombi on the other. Every court on the land has made it clear that Lukwago’s impeachment was not only unnecessary, but illegal as well, yet these people still don’t seem to get it. Let the Lord Mayor be, let him serve the good people of Kampala who voted him into office. Nyombi shd actually be careful because his character has already been tarnished as he was found guilty of contempt of court

  2. As usual Nyombi will be found stuck in legal darkness. Its a matter of time, he will also lose the next argument. The only thing the Nyombi’s can get now, is to waste the Mayo’r time. But legally, they do not have any meaningful case.

  3. If I were the AG, I would resign with this barrage of defeats and certifications. And if I were the appointing authority, I would shove the AG to his senses. This is too much!

  4. it is very absurd that the full AG can blindly miss advise the nation like that its indeed personal biffs (lukwago,musisi,frank and nyombi) total shame

  5. The Tumwebezes,Nyombis Kayihuras Kavumas and the rest are just blindfolding Ugandans such that they can push the incumbent president to remain in 2016,the party( NRM ) which reached its peak and its already crumbling to breath its last

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