Kats Thumps MC Samo To Pulp

Yesterday night, the Kabalagala based Venom Beach Bar turned into a boxing ring when the shortest and the celebrated City event MC Edwin Katamba well known as MC Kats locked horns with Venom MC identified as Samo.


The fight is believed to have erupted after a serious verbal war on why Djs are giving Nigerian and Jamaican music massive airplay compared to Ugandan Music.

Eye witnesses have narrated that MC Kats who had lost his temper, abused Nigerians and other foreigners who were at the bar.

Venom’s MC Samo is now nursing the injuries he sustained in the fight and MC Kats has vowed to fight for Ugandan Music till his last inhale.

MC Samo
MC Samo

When contacted, MC Kats said that is the misunderstanding came as a result Samo and DJ Bobby not adhering to his request of hour of Uganda music and yet the club management had seen it as a good idea.

Kats has however said that he lost his temper and has apologized to the Nigerians that were abused last night.

“Yes I got off topic and I abused the Nigerians and their music but am sorry for that,” said Kats.

MC Kats
MC Kats

This is not the first time the issue of DJs playing more Nigerian music is coming up.

Last week the social media was on fire as Djs, Musicians and music lovers aired out their views about the matter.

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