Kalangala Health Workers End Month-Long Strike

Health workers in Kalangala have ended a month long strike in which they were protesting poor working conditions and delayed salaries.

Dr. Hillary Bitakalamire, Kalangala DHO
Dr. Hillary Bitakalamire, Kalangala DHO

The health workers abandoned stations last month claiming they had spent six months without getting both their salaries and hardship allowances. The strike paralyzed health service putting lives at risk due to lack of medical attention at all government health units.

Affected health centers were Kalangala Health Centre IV, Mugoye Health Centre, Kyamuswa health centre and Bwendero health centre III.

Latest reports indicate that some of the health workers were paid half of their salaries as a persuasion for them to resume work.

Edward Banda, one of the health workers at Kalangala Health Centre IV says he has not received any salary since last year. He says he was forced to return to work without salary after being convinced by Kalangala district officials that all their salaries will be paid by the end of this month.

But Willy Lugoloobi, the Kalangala district chairman maintains that at least 80% of the health workers will get their pay by the end of April. He says the district is pushing for the payment of the other health workers who are were erroneously deleted from the payroll in the recent payroll cleaning exercise.

Dr. Hillary Bitakalamire, the Kalangala district Medical Officer says the strike had paralyzed health services in the district.

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