Fyonna Nsubuga’s Boobs Cause Stampede

UK based Ugandan songstress Fyonna Nsubuga has revealed that her boobs are causing whooper stampede among her male fans.

Fyonna Nsubuga
Fyonna Nsubuga

“I am receiving a lot of sexy messages mostly male fans commenting on my boobs”

In her recently released Mpakamwisho video, Fyonna Nsubuga looked sexy and her boobs looked so attractive.

She further said that her sexy body has also contributed alot towards her  success in the music industry.

” I appreciate my fans because they have showed me love by liking my music.”

Fyonna Nsubuga’s manager recently jetted into the country with a mission of preparing for the upcoming concert.

3 thoughts on “Fyonna Nsubuga’s Boobs Cause Stampede

  1. Apart from those humongous knockers “boobs”, what else does she have for her fans ?? Nothing. Singing !!!…Hmmmm, I’ll leave that to Simon Cowell to detonate the bomb. No wonder the majority of her fans are males.

    1. And should I b surprised that this comment came from a guy called ‘Kasolo Dick’??

  2. Katulabe gye kigyera.. Fyonna has a fanbase here and is respected. In the end her talent and favour is reason enough. I follower and love all ugandan female musicians who are talented. But I must admit yr chat here is evidence enough nti akulumya omutwe. Oba tomwagala bwagazi. Oba is making or someone close to remain in shadows. Naye no Katonda yagaba. Gd day to you all

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