DRC Accuses UPDF of Deploying On Its Territory

UPDF Soldiers
UPDF Soldiers

The Democratic Republic of Congo has accused the Uganda People’s Defense Forces-UPDF of Deploying on their territory.

DRC authorities claim that hundreds of UPDF soldiers arrived in Sarambwe gorillas reserve on the 26th of March.Sarambwe is found in Rutshuru Territory North Kivu Province, about 100 kilometers North of Goma.

Jules Hakizimwami, president of North Kivu Provincial Assembly says despite the fact that UPDF has not carried out any attack; its presence is a security threat to his country.

Hakizimwami says UPDF troops occupy strategic hills of Karambwe and Kisharo villages. He says the soldiers are also found in Kazingiro, Kabumba, Risura and Kanyabusanane, about 20 kilometers from the Uganda –Congo Border of Bunagana. Hakizimwami says the Congolese government has ordered its forces not to attack the Ugandan troops to avoid confusion.

Col. Olivier Hamuli, the Congolese government army spokesperson has confirmed the presence of Ugandan troops on their territory. However Major Ronald Kakurungu, the second division UPDF spokesperson says Uganda has no reason to deploy troops in DRC since the two countries are not at war.

Kakurungu told local media on phone that despite the fact that there are many Ugandan dissident groups operating on DRC soil, it is the responsibility of the Kinshasa government to fight them and not UPDF.

He says the Congolese government has a right to fight off any strange forces on its territory. In 1998, UPDF invaded DRC to flush out remnant of the rebels Allied Democratic Front-ADF who were operating east of the country.

2 thoughts on “DRC Accuses UPDF of Deploying On Its Territory

  1. The pictures of these soldiers look too lousy to be government soldiers(updf) may be M23 is back trying to camouflaging like updf. The early you kill them the better for your country.

  2. RDCongo has the right to protect its boundaries. I do not see any reason behind their constant cries like a babies You saw UPDF soldiers on your territory right? what have you done so far other than making noise. Flash them out and tell us your success other wise you confirm to be musicians other than being government army. Noise ( Rwandans on our territory, following day UPDF, ADF, FDLR etc) what sort of country is this ? I’m doubting the kind security provided to my fellow Africans in RDCongo.

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