Court Okays Deregistration of Inactive Political Parties

EC Chief Eng. Badru Kigundu
EC Chief Eng. Badru Kigundu

The High Court in Kampala has granted the Electoral Commission (EC) permission to de-register 10 inactive political parties after finding out that they were non observant with the law.

Justice Steven Musota in his ruling that he delivered today, noted their non-compliance was a breach of public trust and that they must be law abiding and competing for political power.

The judge faulted the parties for flouting Section 9 of the Political Parties and Organizations Act, 2005(as amended) that requires that every political party should within 60 days after expiry of the first year, and after issuance of certificate of  registration, submit to EC its updated records, a move that the affected parties didn’t comply with.

The 10 blacklisted parties are; Progressive Alliance Party, Bridge Party; National Redemption Party, Uganda Mandate Party and Action Party. Others are; New Order Democracy, People’s Independent Party, Movement for Democratic Change, Movement Volunteers and Mobilizers Organisation, and Reform Party.

This verdict arose last year on July 16, when the electoral body sought court permission to de-register the parties over alleged inactivity.

The Commission claimed the political parties had not updated their profiles in the commission’s records as mandated by law.

The EC also claimed that the 10 political parties had not submitted to the Commission a written declaration stating their source of funding and other assets, as required by law.

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