Bashir Orders Release Of Political Prisoners

Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir.
Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir.

Sudan is set to free some political prisoners and allow political parties to be active without restrictions as part of national reconciliation efforts.

President Omar al-Bashir made the announcement in a meeting with representatives of more than 50 parties and groups on Sunday, DPA reported.

Bashir said he had given orders to release all political prisoners “who have not committed criminal offenses” and ordered local authorities to allow political parties to exercise their activities inside and outside their headquarters without any restrictions.

Bashir also pledged to help create a suitable atmosphere for a comprehensive national dialog.

The Sudanese leader called on media to contribute to the success of the national dialog.

The release of the prisoners is the latest move by Bashir to push the national dialog forward. It was followed by a December 2013 cabinet shuffle, which analysts said was aimed at calming down protesters, who took to the streets in September after the government slashed fuel subsidies.

Sudan lost billions of dollars in oil revenues after South Sudan gained independence two years ago, taking with it some 75 percent of crude production of the formerly united country.

Sudan has been plagued by running inflation and a weakening currency since then.

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