Rwanda Bans TelexFree, Amb. Urges Uganda To Follow Suit

Uganda's Ambassador to Rwanda, Richard Kabonero
Uganda’s Ambassador to Rwanda, Richard Kabonero

Rwanda has banned the operations of online service, Telexfree P.L.I after an investigation concluded that it’s activities are bent on facilitating money laundering.

Richard Kabonero, Uganda’s ambassador to Rwanda revealed this Monday evening on social media site twitter accompanied with an announcement by the Rwandan government advising it’s nationals to stay away from Telexfree activities.

He also advised Uganda to do the same.

“Rwanda bans Telexfree operations.Uganda needs to look into this to protect the public.” Kabonero tweeted.

A screen shot showing Richard Kabonero's tweet.
A screen shot showing Richard Kabonero’s tweet.

Telexfree is a trade name owned by Telexfree Inc, that became best known for its operations in Brazil held by Ympactus Comercial Ltda after it was involved in an ongoing investigation for allegedly operating a Ponzi scheme.

The Brazilian court of Acre State suspended the company’s operations in that country.

TelexFREE is a multi-level Internet marketing scheme which uses VoIP technology to share advertisements online.

The Telexfree frenzy has hit Uganda in the recent months with many people attracted to the simplicity of it’s work that enables one to post a given number of links to website that in turn earns one a given income depending on the subscription. One is promised revenue by daily posting the adverts the company will give you.

It claims that by recruiting new members, one stands to earn bonuses.

It’s critics argue that while Telexfree claims it uses the selling of chunk voip services, as a camouflage / disguise, their real core business is new enrollments, associates, affiliates and ‘victims’.

19 thoughts on “Rwanda Bans TelexFree, Amb. Urges Uganda To Follow Suit

  1. I new it fake the moment it was introduced to me, thanks to my sixth sense. Ugandan get warned, no one ever gets rich through betting but hard work.

    1. This is not betting. You get paid for the work that you do for the company, by promoting its products,
      it is an American business where technology and e-commerce have taken the lead in Business.

      You no longer have to go to China or Japan to buy a car or lunch or anything, but rather make a couple of mouse clicks and it is brought to your door step.

      So Mr. Sssentogo Mukisa Peter, this is the .com (dot-com) world,. Remember the internet of everything is now 25 years old and it controls the way we live,communicate and share.

      At Telex, we are not gambling(betting), we get paid for the work we do daily as it is the case for your day job.

      1. Each time somebody asks me to promote what they have “innovated” with just a click without making my brain or body sweat, I am sceptical. I am well informed about this so called business, because I have two great friends of mine are in the lead of dealing in it. One is based in Nigeria and the other in East Africa, but I disagreed with them already. Like the pillar model I do not see them change, still in the same way. Wealth creation through e-technology is not obtained through this manner, you need to be innovative.

        What innovation do you have here, what product do you sale. Young man wake be creative if you are going to create wealth. Wealth is not created through being lazy just waking up to puss someone else’s button that you are advertising. God bless you

      2. Mark Zuckerberg has most of his money invested in Facebook, why doesn’t Carlos Roberto Costa have his money invested in TelexFree? This company is banned in Brazil-it’s country of origin and there are many pending lawsuits by people who have been robbed of their savings.

  2. These are conspiracy theories, there is a hidden agenda behind such outmaneuvers, why should Uganda follow suit

    1. The internet has definitely taken lead in business, TelexFree is legitimate, just like FaceBook Ads, Google AdSense, Twitter Ads, YouTube Ads, or Classifiedgiants ads, people should stop investigating, the company is getting money, and it is supporting the poor people who have no OPPORTUNITY to have a better life.

      1. I think you need to educate yourself on what a Ponzi scheme is before you go around saying things like TelexFree is legitimate or comparing it with advertising

  3. So the politicians in Rwanda are afraid of leading Millionaires. I believe this cannot happen to Uganda because we are a democratic country that wants the best for its people. Why would they they ban a business that pays everyone? This is just absurd.

    1. HEY guys do you know the definition of money laundering???? in simple terms it is the process whereby the proceeds of crime are transformed into ostensibly legitimate money or other assets. So some elements may use this conduit to clean up there money and make it bankable

      1. Tell it in their face for being ignorant of the two viz, money laundering and internet biz. As Mr. Lutayashafiq said above, the has been around for 25 years and it’s sad some of us have not yet got our heads around it, esp. our learned ambassador to Rwanda regurgitating on us what the Rwanda govt is spewing to its citizens.

    2. Money laundering and democracy are not related at all. Government has a right to protect its citizens and stop crime regardless of public opinion or whatever freedoms your democracy promises you.

  4. Its only those whose hands have not been bitten by such online business that are against the support ban Telexfree…do u remember Forex trading in 2010/2011???? Ugandans lost billion of shillings thru such unregulated online businesses…i am in support to have them banned……unless they are mechanisms to have them regulated!

    1. If some people lost billions as you claim then that is their problem. Forex trading is legitimate and is there to stay, and people are making decent living doing it day and night. One can not begin trading in currencies without proper training and it cost money. I am a living example and I got trained for a year at $2500. Now I make over Shs8m a month from my room with very little sweat. I usually start trading from Japan, then Berlin/London and finish at New York. Besides, I trade Mon-Thurs only (markets on Fri is very volatile) and six hours a day – not too bad for over Shs8m a month!

  5. It’s time to examine everything. Nothing is brought to Africa for African without the pay back. Keep the eye open and the ear on the ground.

  6. you guys who are against telexfree are just insane. what is a pyramid scheme? who in this error doesn’t work under a pyramid scheme? do u know that an organization / company with a hierrachial structure ranging from the CEO to the sweeper is also a pyramid scheme? voip is an internationally accepted product used for making calls and we get paid for promoting this soft ware on internet. is it news that internet is a means of advertising? we are in the new error where if yo business is not online then ur bound to go out of business. why don’t u complain about gnld, tianshi. forever living, dyna farm? aren’t they pyramid schemes? or there plans are had that u think they are genuine. it is high time we knew that the world is becoming more of working smart than working hard.

  7. Let’s not confuse issues here. The information in the public
    domain is that “P.L.I. Telexfree Rwanda” is a private company registered in
    Rwanda with 2 directors a Rwandese and a Ugandan national and according to the
    official response by TelexFREE International over connections with this Rwandese company they confirm that they do not have any corporate office in Rwanda, which means PLI Telexfree Rwanda was NOT operating as an authorized office or representative of TelexFREE international. So their being banned has nothing to do with TelexFREE International business. The 2 are NOT the same company. For example if someone registers a private company called “PLI Samsung Rwanda” that is not owned by or authorized to represent Samsung international and it is then banned for illegal business practices in Rwanda does that affect Samsung globally? it does not. It’s the same case here. So TelexFREE International is not banned in Rwanda its
    “PLI Telexfree Rwanda” a private company registered in Rwanda that was banned. Period.

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