Radio Presenter Wanted for Stealing Mixer

A renowned local music artist and a radio presenter in Busoga region James Otuba alias Rockie Manocky is on the run after learning that he is wanted by police in connection with theft.


According to the District Police OC CID Josephat Mbonigaba police is hunting Rockie for allegedly stealing a mixer from Palms guest house in Mayuge town.

Mbonigaba says that Otuba allegedly took a music mixer from Palms guest house for repair but did not return it. A case has been filed under SD/39/14/03/2014 for theft.  The mixer is valued at 1 million shillings.

The manager of Palms guest house Umar Lukungu confirmed that Rockie a radio presenter at Kiira FM in Jinja town while in the company of Swagga Muhamed Prince on 19th January 2014 came to the guest house and took the mixer for servicing.

Lukungu explains that they allowed Otuba to take the mixer because he said he would not be able to perform later at the guest house on NRM day with poor sound from the mixer.

Lukungu says however, Rockie did not bring the mixer on the NRM day when he came to present with another local artist Royal Simba.

He adds the entire team of Palms proprietors has been making numerous calls for Rockie to bring back the mixer but he has failed to do so.

His friend Swagga Muhamed Prince when consulted on phone directed them to Kiira FM. However, they were informed by the radio management that he is no longer their employee.

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