Pro-Mbabazi Youth Leaders Living In Fear

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi
Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi

Despite living in fear of being arrested by security operatives, pro-Mbabazi youth leaders in Teso say they will not stop mobilizing support for the premier ahead of the 2016 general elections.

Last month, security operatives picked up Dan Mulalu, the former Katakwi district youth chairperson from Thilbank Hotel in Soroti and whisked him off to Kampala. At the time of his arrest, Mulalu was coordinating the mobilization campaign for Amama Mbabazi’s presidential bid in Teso and Karamoja region.

The arrest of Mulalu sent panic amongst several Pro-Mbabazi NRM youth activists. David Opio, one of the Pro-Mbabazi youth leaders says despite the fact that he is a strong NRM supporter, he is enraged with the NRM caucus resolution endorsing Museveni as the sole NRM candidate in the 2016 polls. He says by endorsing Museveni, NRM legislators ignored other party structures, which forced them as youth leaders to endorse Mbabazi to take on Museveni.

Another NRM youth leader who declined to be named says that despite the fact that Mulalu was arrested, he is ably performing his role.

According to the youth leader they are traveling several parts of Teso to form mobilization structures for Mbabazi from the sub county level. He says many of the youths they have approached are excited and willing to handle the task come 2016. He however, explains that many of their members don’t sleep in their homes for fear of being arrested by government security agencies.

Charles Elasu, the Soroti NRM chairperson says that he is surprised with the development. He says none of the youths has spoken to him about the ongoing mobilization campaign for Mbabazi but he got information from security.

Isaac Lulaba, the Soroti Resident District Commissioner says that he has received information about strange people traversing the district to register residents but the purpose of the exercise is not clear. He however, says whoever is involved in setting up structures for Mbabazi will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

He also says that as security they want to verify whether these people are working on behalf of Amama Mbabazi the NRM secretary general who is also the prime minister.

Juma Hassan Nyene, the East Kyoga region Police Public relations officer says he is not aware of the activities of the Pro-Mbabazi youths group.

3 thoughts on “Pro-Mbabazi Youth Leaders Living In Fear

  1. So it is criminal to get a competitor against M7. Where is democracy which NRM claims to be championing? Whose interests is the RDC serving? Has NRM been fused with the state?

  2. how can you show your best when you have not competed??? how can you prove you are genius when you have not been tested???? competing and testing need comparisons. even in research, to prove the best outcome, there is a placebo.

  3. No youth No future ! Does Kim Jong-un seem familiar??

    Like any organization, A political party that muzzles its youth is
    a dying party. Without the youth there is no future for the party.
    NRM youth need to know now that the NRM’s true colours have surfaced.

    The NRM is simply a passing non-democratic political fad that is
    not only dying but promises no future except the same dictatorship
    that becomes more totalitarian with each waking day.

    Time for the youth to change parties and move on to where they
    might find democracy. It is the young trees and seedlings that bring
    hope to the future of a forest, as nature has intended.

    If the party leaders do not recognize this, then they are surely
    in the party for personal and selfish ends no different from Kim
    Jong-un’s in North Korea, who declared himself the only candidate for
    President and the sole winner of the election with 100% of the votes
    and punishment for those that abstained or did not vote.

    If electoral reform demands and attempts are being blocked by the
    NRM regime, and the opposition is also being barred from organizing
    or assembling, then what the NRM is doing is certainly no different
    from Kim Jong-un’s actions. Wake up Ugandan youth.

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