Police, Opposition Leaders Clash In Mbale

Business has grounded to a halt in Mbale town following clashes between Police, the army and opposition leaders.

teargas mbale

It all started on Saturday morning after police led by Jacob Opolot, the Elgon Zone regional police commander blocked the opposition leaders from holding a consultative meeting on electoral reforms at Sports club saying they were not notified about the meeting.

Heavily armed police cordoned sports club and dispersed all the people invited for the meeting. Pleas by the opposition leaders led by Olara Otunnu, the UPC president that the police leadership was aware of the meetings fell on deaf ears. After being blocked from holding the meeting, the opposition leaders attempted to lead a procession in Mbale town.

As a result, police fired teargas in attempt to disperse the opposition leaders leading to running battles. Police called in reinforcement from the army to help them contain the situation. Police also picked Paul Butita, the DP candidate for the Bubulo West MP elections.

Following the clash between the police and the opposition politicians, traders were seen closing their shop for fear of being caught up in the violence.

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