Nigeria: Stampede In Abuja’s Stadium Kills Jobseekers

A stampede among jobseekers taking a recruitment test in the national stadium in the Nigerian capital Abuja has left many people dead and injured.

Alpa Patel reports: ''There was a stampede... several people were crushed and many more injured''
Alpa Patel reports: ”There was a stampede… several people were crushed and many more injured”

A journalist for French news agency AFP said he had counted seven corpses.

The stampede came during a recruitment exercise by the immigration department. Tens of thousands had turned up to take the test, according to reports.

There is a high level of unemployment in Nigeria especially among young people. In 2011, it stood at 23.9%.

Survivor Rosemary Ogida told AFP that she could remember being picked up by three men.

“I cannot even imagine the number of people that stamped on me,” she said.

Source: BBC

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