Mun G Accused of ‘Stealing’ Ani Aliwo Song

Rapper Moon G who quit Baboon forest Entertainment in the past few months has been accused by unpopular and slowly upcoming rapper identified as Lil Andy for stealing his song Ani Aliwo.


Mun G’s recent song is called Ani Aliwo and Lil Andy believes that that song is out of his sweat.

The Kiki Ekiganye singer has blasted the upcoming rapper that he is looking for cheap popularity.

“Kyokka these attention seekers, I had decided not to give this fool attention because I know it’s all he wants but I give up… ok this fucker Lil Andy goes on tv n everywhere claiming I “stole” his song simply because he had asked for a collabo earlier on n I declined because he couldn’t rap n he had no recorded song. When I heard about these rumors, I decide to look for his song. It was a hustle coz it’s nowhere but I finally I get it n download it. I listen to it and after all I went through am actually pissed that I wasted my bundles to download this fool’s song… this fucker raps like he is in the 17th century, he can’t rap for a rolex, n of all rappers I MunG as in MUN*G choose to copy his song??!

The songs have nothing in common. I know u r looking for fame but One thing am so sure of is u won’t find the fame from rap because u can’t rap, ” Mun G posted on his official Facebook page

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