Mulago Dismisses Talk Of Strike

Mulago Hospital administration has dismissed reports of a strike over nonpayment of salaries.

Mulago National referral Hospital Spokesperson Enock Kusasira
Mulago National referral Hospital Spokesperson Enock Kusasira

Enock Kusasira, the national referral hospital publicist, denied the reports saying there is no health worker who has put down their tools.

He clarified that out of the 1857 staff on the payroll of Mulago Hospital, 1617 were paid their February salary on March 5th.   Only 217 workers have not been paid because of the new salary payment system.

Payments of salaries have now been decentralized to government departments and district accounting officers. All public servants including health workers are now required to fill in Electronic Funds Transfer forms and be recorded under the Integrated Financial Management System.

Kusasira says those who have not yet completed the process will be paid by the 13th of this month.

Speaking on condition of anonymity some medical workers said that they were not aware of any strike and hearing of it for the first time.

A tour of the hospital also indicated that business was moving on normally as patients lined up for medication and meeting Doctors in the different rooms and departments within the hospital.

Last week, Dr Dians Atwiine, the head of the Presidential Drug Monitoring Unit, gave health workers assurances that all their payment irregularities would be sorted by the end of March.

The assurances came after the Monitoring Unit set up a task force in November 2013 to register complaints of none payment of salaries, underpayment, deletion from the payroll and lack of access to payroll of health workers.

Information about the problem that escalated in December last year and January 2014 was then obtained from 51 districts and about 5,585 workers were identified to be affected.

So far in the 51 districts over 4,400 workers have had their pay information rectified and 290 others are to be reactivated to access the pay roll. Those who have had double records, retired and students on study leave have also been deleted from the payroll.

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