Miniskirt Wearing Women Jailed In Bukomansimbi

Two women who had gone to hear their breach of contract case ended up serving three hours of jail time for appearing in a Bukomansimbi court wearing miniskirts.

The new legislation will outlaw any material showing parts of the body intended to cause sexual excitement.
The new legislation will outlaw any material showing parts of the body intended to cause sexual excitement.

The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon. The two women are Jane Nabukenya and Prosy Nasuna.

Records before court indicate that Nasuna dragged Nabukenya to court for breach of contract after Nabukenya failed to repay a three million shillings debt.

But before Bukomansimbi Grade one magistrate Catherine Baguma could hear their case, the appearance of the two women caused uproar in the court.

Members of the public in court started shouting and calling attention to what they deemed inappropriate attire worn by the two women.

Magistrate Baguma’s attention was caught by the shouting from the public who demanded to know if the two women were abusing the Anti-Pornography Act 2014.

The magistrate then ordered the two women to be detained for three hours each for contempt of court. Baguma noted that she was unable to proceed with hearing their case because their attire was distractive.

She set March 13 as the new date to hear their case.

There is a public misperception that the Anti-Pornography Act was passed to stop citizens from dressing indecently. The law is especially believed to be against the wearing of miniskirts by women. Women perceived to be dressed indecently have thus been undressed by mobs in several towns in Uganda.

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  1. is any body willing to translate the penal code for wearing MIN skirts into Luganda or any other local languages so that the people should know where to stop and where to start for instance what’s considered inappropriate ,in Uganda exposing yr shoulders thighs hands, or eyes llet them be crystal clear and send the message to the grass root since the law is meant for ugandans it should be in ugandan languages not English as its not for the english people

    1. My friend our legislators are busy undermining each other, so they just pass what ever bill comes there way. The best we can do is get rid of them and have a parliament which would not waste time discussing bisanja, otherwise we are doomed.

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