Mc Kats & Fille – We Are Head Over Heels In Love

After declaring that he(MC Kats) wasn’t only the music manager of Fille but also the manager of Fille’s goodies, the two love birds are back on the public scene.

The two recently simultaneously bombard their social media platforms with photos. Fille took it to her Facebook platform and posted the photo below with the caption ‘Hehehe’. I think she’s laughing at them haters.fille

Minutes later, Fille’s alleged fiance, Mc Kats also shared the photo on his Facebook platform caption ‘We are happy’. Despite their on-going romance, the two have been hiding away from our snoops, ‘naye, kijja kugwa’.filee

The two were last seen together during Valentine’s week. And if this is some sort of PR stunt, we shall see who will laugh last…



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