M7: I Dont Take Orders From Foreigners

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has lashed out at western nations for interfering in the affairs of African countries especially Uganda, saying he doesn’t take orders from foreigners.

The president sounded this warning on Monday afternoon during a ceremony to thank him for signing the Anti-gay Bill into Law at Kololo Airstrip in the capital, Kampala.

” I don’t like orders from anybody outside Ugandans. European lack politeness,why do they tell Africans what to do” president Museveni said.

He accused western nations of threatening the country with Aid cuts simply because ‘we’ are lazy.

Last month, the president signed the controversial anti-gay bill that allows harsh penalties for “homosexual offences”, calling them “mercenaries” and “prostitutes”.

The move was greeted with harsh criticism from western nations with many threatening to cut aid to Uganda.

Uganda is a key Western ally in the fight against armed groups in Somalia where Ugandan troops have formed the backbone of the African Union peacekeeping force battling al Qaeda-linked fighters.

The president urged the youth to desist from what he referred to as ‘imported culture’ saying there was nothing good about it.

 “Young people, there is nothing good in this imported culture! Do not be lured in this imported culture” the president said.


3 thoughts on “M7: I Dont Take Orders From Foreigners

  1. All this sounds great to the home audience, but God knows what the tone is like when The Boss is talking to Washington or London…………

  2. even they let Gaddafi for a long time mouth such words. but when they struck, to-date it is as if we have never had a Gaddafi on the globe. so M7 keeping barking but definitely you might not go away with a bit of humiliation from the west.

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