Lukwago Niece, 3 Others Pass On As Oxygen Runs Out At Mulago Hospital

The ICU facility in Mulago Hospital.
The ICU facility in Mulago Hospital.

Embattled Kampala City Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago on Saturday evening lost a niece only identified as Zaituni Nakauki at Mulago Hospital, Uganda’s National Referral Hospital after the Health facility run out of oxygen causing anger among relatives of patients whose loved ones passed on as well.

Three other patients on the life support system also allegedly passed on as oxygen run out, Lukwago explained.

According to a post on his Facebook wall, Lukwago explains that two hours after his niece had been admitted at Mulago Hospital with respiratory complications, a nurse at the hospital announced the bad news to patients who were using the life support system about how oxygen was no more.

” Barely two hours later, one of the nurses on duty announced that ”oxygen aweddewo” (oxygen is finished).” Lukwago wrote on Sunday.

The resulting effect was a sad  and tragic one, Zaituni and three other patients who were sharing two of the cylinders breathed their last and another man who was recovering from a snake bite passed on.

Mulago Hospital
Mulago Hospital

An enraged uproar from relatives of the deceased soon arose and was threatening to graduate into a riot but was only quelled by the intervention of Mulago Hospital Police lead by O.C Mr. Kasinga Hasheem who stormed the ward and calmed the relatives.

He assured the furious relatives that he was investigating the awful incident.

Critics of Uganda’s service delivery system fault it for paying lip service to the Health sector.

Last week, Ugandan media outlets were awash with news that water had been disconnected from the same hospital due to an unpaid bill.

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  1. So embarrassing, a whole national referral hospital running out of the cheapest commodity called oxygen

  2. banange tukooye embeera embi, can you imagine the equipments which were installed by colonialists in ICU in the 60’s are still inside & used solely to support life? if the go’vt has no money to atleast install oxygen then there’s no need of enrolling students in nursing & medical schools? there is one thing to note here “a rwandese will never develop Uganda neither a ugandan will ever develop Rwanda”

  3. Lukwago muve mumuzanyo gwemulimu ne museveni ebyo byonna musango gwamwe mmwe mulemeza museveni mubuyinza

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