LUKOMA TO DEAN: I Will Give You Twins

Former Obsessions and HB Toxic singer who successfully failed to sing and resorted to acting and fashion has promised her Boyfriend Dean Nsubuga that she will give her Twins.

Dean and Hellen are deeply in love
Dean and Hellen are deeply in love

Lukoma posted her feeling on dean’s Facebook wall,

“Am truly blessed…His life and family…My humble respectful handsome man…my superman….With all he has he provides…happy birthday Noordin…Ngenda kuwaa abalongo…lol…I adore u”.

This post comes shortly after Dean Vowed on his Facebook page to love her until death.

“One of those people i will fight for till death, Hellen Lukoma i love u and if it means following u to my own death, i will.” 

6 thoughts on “LUKOMA TO DEAN: I Will Give You Twins

  1. Dean sounds like a primary school boy just falling in love. Only the bold and brave fall in love or at least think they are in love. I have been there myself, but looking back, may be there was never actually that love, a love to die for. But all the same, I wish you both a blissful relationship as long as it lasts. And hopefully Hellen produces the twins she seems to dream about. Otherwise I thin k this thing called love is just a phase in life. The only people you will ever truly love and perhaps die for will be your kids. That’s my final word.

    1. He looks so young and not mature yet,he has never been there just trying to.Time will tell it all.

    2. Am struggling to work out what point u’re tying to put across my friend. Your message is punctuated by caution, regret, a bit of anger and a concoction of rage. As a person who reads comments here with a motive of acquiring knowledge, Am left at crossroads as what you’re trying to imply in your post

  2. Not sure if love displayed on Facebook is any real love but illusion in fact it is termed as public display last (PDL).

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