LRA WAR: M7 Orders Probe Into Alleged UPDF Atrocities

UPDF Soldiers
UPDF Soldiers

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has ordered investigations into alleged atrocities committed by the army during 20 years of war against Lords Resistance Army rebels, officials said Wednesday.

Tens of thousands of people were killed and nearly two million displaced in the fight in northern Uganda between the rebels and security forces, before rebel chief Joseph Kony and key fighters shifted into neighbouring nations around 2005.

“Information has been coming up that some officers may have committed crimes, but these cases were never reported to the government,” presidential spokesman Tamale Mirundi said.

“But now that they are being reported he (President Museveni) has directed an inquiry.”

The rebels earned a grim reputation for rape, murder, kidnap and torture of victims — including slicing off people’s lips and hacking off hands — but the army has also been accused of rights violations, which it has in the past denied.

Ugandan military spokesman Paddy Ankunda said the probe was welcome and that the army would cooperate.

“We are ready to cooperate with all those, including the International Criminal Court, in the investigations against our officers who allegedly committed crimes in northern Uganda,” Ankunda said.

“Any investigations aimed at attaining the truth are welcomed,” he said, adding that “once there is evidence of atrocities committed by any member of the military, then the culprits will be dealt with in accordance with the law.”

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

Uganda troops continue to hunt LRA rebels, whose top chiefs are wanted by the Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC) for leading a grim campaign of mutilation and killings, kidnapping boys to serve as child soldiers and girls as sex slaves.

The LRA is a militant outfit whose doctrine mixes African mysticism with Christian extremism. In recent years it has been forced out of Uganda, and Kony is believed to be hiding with a core of fighters in the remote jungles of Central African Republic, northeast Democratic Republic of Congo, or South Sudan.

Washington this week said it was sending more elite commandos and aircraft to support the hunt.


7 thoughts on “LRA WAR: M7 Orders Probe Into Alleged UPDF Atrocities

  1. Sejjusa start preparing for your defense, for I don’t see why Museveni is now willing to cooperate. If I were you splitting more beans would make them think twice.

  2. This reminds me of consistent and persistent reports that the NRA which is the precursor to the UPDF, committed atrocities in Luwero Triangle during the bush war (1981-1986) that brought the NRM to power.When will there be an inquiry into these allegations? When all witnesses have passed on?

  3. Wait a second? Probe into alleged UPDF crimes in the north, ordered by the president? Now??? Uhmmm. Why now? There have been alot of efforts and voices that have suggested a commission of reconciliation and healing to bring that dark chapter to an end, but have been shut up. So why change of heart by the president? There is more
    to this than we can tell now. It could be to scupper international interest efforts and possible ICC arrest warrants, divert responsibility to Tinyefuza and Mugisha Muntu and others.

    The truth is, as we lived in Kampala, enjoyed the “peace” ushered in by the NRM, a generation of our brothers and sister was subjected to the worst conditions of living on earth, growing up in camps in their own country, on their own land, killed by their own government and their own people (Kony rebels). The perfect between a hard place and rock scenario. We need a commission of reconciliation to bring this injustice and crime to conclusive closure of healing and forgiveness.

  4. Are those UPDF soldiers in the top picture or are they rebels ??? If they’re indeed UPDF snipers, then instead of wasting money on investigating their atrocities, u w’d rather concentrate on their nutrition and fashion sense.

  5. 2016 presidential elections will soon see the country leader kneel down. Why now when we r abt 2 vote again. Despite all those, change in reign may happen.

  6. its just targeting those GENERAL who are falling out with the big boss the list will definetely have the usual names

  7. Just Look at the PHOTO of a President putting into force a wrong probe which includes himself but targeting officers who are sympathizing with the opposition members in Uganda.

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