Letter To Ugandan DJs

Ugandan Djs have on various occasions been criticized for not playing the Ugandan music in most popular clubs.

Djs: Shaq and Roja at Club Venom
Djs: Shaq and Roja at Club Venom

“Why can’t we be patriotic, is our music not good enough to be played in the clubs or these Djs deliberately refuse to play the songs?” a concerned Ugandan music diehard was heard speaking to a friend.

This is not a surprise to many of us since you go to a club and the music you can dance to  the whole night is Nigerian, Jamaican ,American  and if Ugandan songs are to be played you can just hear a few from the top musicians like Chameleone Bebe Cool and Juliana.

A Ugandan Music diehard has decided to write a letter to all Ugandan Djs inquiring why they are  not playing Ugandan music.

Dear comrades,

We appreciate the work u do. But this is my humble plea, why on earth do u play 4 hours of Nigeria music in a club like we don’t have Uganda music?  Where is your sense of patriotism? Our artists are struggling to be heard and there is plenty of good music so instead of playing a Nigeria song 4 times in one hour.

You even throw in drops by Ug artists praising u up then after you play Banaboy. Who of you has ever been called by these Nigerian’s thanking you or which Nigeria club can play Ugandan music for even 5min? ….I ask that we start realizing that the so called established industries were built brick by brick to where they are.

I hear unleashing brand new from Nigeria who cares. Asking for money to play Uganda music is okay but first take the initiative to play n promote it than playing us those lousy lingala jams from Nigeria… we tired.

Our artists have tried, which is a sign that all need your support. Instead of you praising them after being nominated out of their sweat, you have the power to save the industry


The letter that was written by Sam Yiga has made Djs and music lovers oust their opinions on the letter that has taken social media by storm.

De Shox: This letter should be directed to the crowd not Djs because Djs play what people request.

If they want Naija you have no choice but to play, other guys you should blame radio presenters and TV.

Every minute and second all you hear is’ baby ah a pullover, Skelewu, etc… Djs are innocent. Ugandan artists keep working hard your music will be played. I have never hard big artists like Goodlyfe, Chameleone, Bebe Cool complain that Djs don’t play their music. Take time you upcoming artists, produce good music, Djs will play your song…no one can play crap just coz he is trying to be patriotic.

Isma Ojambo:  Talk about it even on beaches they play that lousy music from JAMAICA as if there’s no Ugandan music to play it’s our stupid Djs

Carol Atuhire:  Haaaaaa the person who wrote this spoke ma heart out. Deejays keep on going astray. Katubasabile.

Gordon Omondi: Djs in club play what’s popular. They are paid to do so not promote local artist. Venom for example has had Konshens, Davido, Macka Diamond n recently Nyanda, why? How many meet and greets have been done for Ugandan artists? We have same issues here in Kenya.

De Apeman:  If you pay shitty prices to Djs, you get shitty Djs and their funny deejaying skills, many venues are dying because of this issue. No need for name calling but if not most of the clubs and Bars in Uganda pay horrible fees to Djs that play all night long. Step your game and pay Djs the same fees you give artists that come and appear/ sing in your clubs for 15-30mins.

Julius Kyazze:  I totally agree with you. De Apeman this has nothing to do with money Djs get paid by the clubs. Unless if you are saying you are competing with the local artists so you decide not promote them. I don’t think playing Nigeria music all night gets you paid more.

Kahunde Faridah: Honestly Niger’s music is good for real so, Ugandan musicians u know what to do now. Just copy their styles and stop losing hope….”Namwe musobola”

Reno Kabachelor: It’s like saying why don’t we speak or write in our languages, here is the point you are all missing. It goes back to quality, there was a time when Ugandan music was the in things, and Djs actually played it. However as time passed we have failed to maintain the game. Lacks of creativity, only Radio and Weasel, Bebe Cool and Chameleone, have been consistent. A reason we have borrowed a listen to Naija, kwaito and western music. Don’t blame the Djs, tell the musicians to go to the drawing board and become a little more creative n the jams will b played.

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4 thoughts on “Letter To Ugandan DJs

  1. Local music is crap . My all time favourite is Afrigo band . They sit down compose their music , flavour it . They are innovative, creative in their composition of music . They are in the leagues of olomide’s , top icons from west Africa. Sometimes u feel depressed when u hear our local musicians singing . The truth is they arent musicians but rather money chasers . It’s isn’t passion and love for music but rather looking for easy money . Get rich quick. Successful business people, musicians are driven first by passion first not money.

  2. Mbu Ugandan music..hmm I can’t even name 10 songs that can be played in a club to get me jumping off my feet. First of all Uganda Music has no genre! Sijui Lugaflow, Kidandali, LukigaFlow..bla bla. Some of them even attempting Jamaican Patois and recently the Nigerian style. YES… Afrigo Band, Chameleon, Juliana, Sophia Nantongo are the remaining few of that could probably stay relevant. A nuisance song like ’emesse’ is the reason why we still have a looooooooooooooooooooong way to go,even morally!!!

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