Kyle Chokes On Weed While Shooting Video

Ex-Big Brother Representative Kyle Duncan Kushaaba was on Friday evening in another world after he choked on Weed while shooting the video of his latest song, Yankakasa in Muyenga.

Kyle at the Video Shoot
Kyle who was very high on weed  leaning against the babe.

According to Sources, while shooting the Video, Kyle could barely stand upright for seconds since he was very high on Weed.

The Source further revealed that the anticipated duration of the shooting process was increased by more than three hours because Kyle could not stand upright for some time.

“He resorted to holding and leaning against the babes that were in the video as dancers,” source confirmed.

It is believed that before shooting the video, Kyle first puffed the whole Shisha pot that was full of Marijuana.

Kyle  with one of the babes in the video
Kyle with one of the babes in the video

Yankakasa is a song where he features rapper Flex D’Paper and it was shot by Great Make Films at a mansion in Muyenga.

The Juice FM Presenter is a member of Upton RnB group that was started in 2008.

Video Shooting in progress
Video Shooting in progress

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  1. He is just joining the rest in weed, Bobi Wine, Jose all those people are just that.

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