He Is Back: Seya Eyes Lukwago’s Seat

Presidential Adviser and former Kampala Mayor Al hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala has confirmed that he will stand as Kampala city Lord mayor in the coming by-elections.

Al hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala
Al hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala


“Yes, I am going to contest and my manifesto is already out,” Ssebagala exclusively revealed to the Red Pepper Online edition.

Ssebagala further revealed that he is in talks with the ruling party NRM to make coalition with his Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and they front one candidate for Kampala’s top Job.

“I have already sent the letter to the Prime Minister to inform him that am contesting for the mayoral seat and NRM should support me as their candidate,” said Ssebagala.

“I am very confident that NRM will accept my request of working with my party (LDP) because I did a great job when we were campaigning for the president in 2011.”

Seya further revealed that the Sylvia Owori saga proved that he is a real man fit for the Lord Mayor’s seat.

“In Africa, A man is respected when he proves to everyone that he has fathered a child and he is ready to take up full responsibility. I am a real African man,” said Seya.

In his Manifesto, Seya highlights that he will start from where he stopped and he will ensure service delivery is achieved. “I want Kampala to be free from Teargas. This teargas disrupts people who are busy working and even the council loses money when these people fail to work,” said Ssebagala.

“Since I have been working with the president, I have the upper hand when talking and bridging the gap between KCCA and Government. This will lead to efficient service delivery hence developing the city.” The Kampala City lord mayor seat fell vacant after Erias Lukwago was impeached.

Last week, the Electoral Commission’s chairman, Eng. Badru Kiggundu in the presence of the media  announced that the Commission had set April 17 as the date it will conduct by-elections to fill the position of the Kampala City Lord Mayor.

He explained that his move to organize the by-elections came after he was notified through a letter from KCCA that the Lord Mayor’s position had fallen vacant following the impeachment of Mr Lukwago in November last year.

10 thoughts on “He Is Back: Seya Eyes Lukwago’s Seat

  1. Kampala deserves better. Certainly not seya again. Political comedy should have its limits. I would be out of my mind to vote “seya”. The political landscape and dynamics have changed a lot that seya cannot under adult suffrage win a free and fair election around Kampala. That is my final word.

  2. At this point I think I should contemplate to throw in as well, I could fetch votes more than Seya.

  3. Seya, is the eyes in the mayor’s seat? Very good! You work the mayor of Kampala before and you do good job. Even the President he know you and support you the efforts the development for Kampala! When you are mayor last time, no menstruations, no tear gas in Kampala, you are good man. In 2011, you put your behind on the NRM for erection and they won big, you are good man. The President make you Minister for Portfolio, a very big post, but Parliament is jealous they don’t approve your Minister, very bad men (and women?)!

  4. Uganda has gone to the dogs !! Its now a case of “who knows who gets a share of the cake. Survival is for the very fittest

  5. Its his right. Seya wamma go for it. Its upto the voters to decide if they still need him. If they voted Lukwago is he any better?.

  6. I think to avoid any other Impeachment of Lord mayor in the future, we need to vote somebody who can work but not fight with the Government and reduce on tear gas as well.
    in this case if Seya plays His cards well and make a joint force between Him and the NRM, will galvanized His position to be the next Lord mayor.
    for those who think Seya will not make it, should think twice coz the number of less educated voter in Kampala, are twice the number of educated voters, which gives Seya upper hand…

  7. I wish you well Seya and I hope you have now acquired the
    minimum academic requirements because it is the reason why you are not a
    gov’t minister today

  8. Kampala needs a change , we need someone to have a passion in running this City , and considers the views of all stakeholders in this City, the Residents of Kampala wake and make a wise choice and propose people of integrity , Such as Mzee Ssekala , Kaddu Kiberu , Alam, etc

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