Govt Will Not Scrap Sponsorship In Universities – Alupo

The government will continue to sponsor the usual 4000 students it has been sponsoring in universities, even after the introduction of the students’ loan scheme.

Jessica Alupo, Uganda's Minister of Education and Sports.
Jessica Alupo, Uganda’s Minister of Education and Sports.

Education Minister Jessica Alupo says there has been speculation that the government would drop sponsorship of 4000 students after the introduction of the loan scheme.

While State House officials have been quoted as saying that statehouse scholarship will be dropped, marked silence had been observed over government sponsorship.

Now Minister Alupo has cleared the doubts. She says the loan scheme is introduced to ensure that more students are able to join universities. She says as per now, government will continue to sponsor students in public universities until a new decision is made.

Alupo also says the loan scheme will only apply to students offering listed science subjects in public universities and the private universities accredited by the government. She says continuing students who offer the science courses will be eligible to apply for the loan.

While officiating at the release of the 2013 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education in Kampala on Thursday, Alupo said the ministry is setting up the management team of the scholarship scheme which will soon be presented to the cabinet. She says if this is done, the ministry will advertise for the students to begin applying for the loan.

Government has already released five billion shillings to kick-start the programme. The Students Loan Scheme that Parliament approved last year will target 15,000 students.

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  1. Government,State House and now Students Loans scheme sponsorship which is which for the University students otherwise state house does not want to give out money to students because the wanted children to be educated have hit the target and others are not recognized by Museveni and closed friends.

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