Embattled Lukwago Goes To Court To Block By-election

Embattled Kampala City  Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago
Embattled Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago

Embattled Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has sought refuge in the High Court after he filed an application to temporarily block the Electoral Commission’s plans of organising by-elections to fill his position.

Lukwago’s move was prompted by EC boss Eng. Badru Kiggundu who last week announced that the  Commission had set April 17 as a date it would hold by-elections to fill the vacant position of the Kampala City Lord Mayor.

In his application, Lukwago wants court to temporarily block the EC from organizing the same by-elections until his main application is determined.

In his main application, Lukwago is challenging the Justice Catherine Bamugemereire-Tribunal report that found him guilty of abuse of office, misconduct, and incompetence that led to his controversial impeachment on November 25 last year.

The respondents in this interim application include; Attorney General Peter Nyombi, Electoral Commission, KCCA and Eng. Badru Kiggundu, the EC boss.

Lukwago’s application for interim orders is being supported by his affidavit in which he says that on November 25, last year, the same court granted him an injunctive order restraining the Kampala minister from convening a meeting of KCCA.

He says the same meeting was set to discuss the report of the tribunal and proceeding to vote him out of office until his main application is determined.

He continues to say that the respondents have disobeyed the said interim order and have gone ahead to declare his position vacant and that they are in the process of organizing a by-election to fill the same position.

Lukwago also brings to the attention of the court that unless the respondents are restrained from defying the court order and go ahead to organize a by election to replace him, he is likely to suffer irreparable injury, as he will be illegally and permanently removed from office before the determination of his main application.

By press time, the court had not yet fixed a date that it will hear Lukwago’s concerns.

7 thoughts on “Embattled Lukwago Goes To Court To Block By-election

    1. It is only losers who give up. It is Losers who behave like those trying to hijack the rule of law, the so called “corporate recruits” at KCCA. Those ladies and gentlemen who claim to be saved.

  1. Courts and judges can become a parralel government that blocks development. Let elections go ahead and the case also go ahead but no activity of the two should interfere with the other. If Lukwago wins the elected Lord Mayor will vacate for him.

  2. Rita, Lukwago to give up his rights? This must be a joke. Court orders should be respected.

  3. the man is right and i don’t no where we are heading with this kid of neglecting the laws in the country

  4. Jolly I doubt whether you mind about yourself or others if at all you are a Ugandan. Am not a supporter of Lukwago but I dont believe elections of a new Mayor are a solution to KCCA problems for now. Carrying out elections is gonna be done on the expense of the common man. Unfortunately I have not accessed the budget for that cause but am sure its a hefty one. Where will that money come from? And when Lukwago wins the case do you think it will be win and take back the seat or it will be accompanied with costs? who will foot the costs? You will do. KCCA activities have been going on without Lukwago in office. I would suggest the government lures the judges to work tirelessly and expeditiously work on the case, conclude it and pass the judgement as fast as possible and then a decision to either carryout another election or have Lukwaga reinstated.

    I will not blame Mr. Kigundu because for him he has to create avenues of getting allowances but I guess the right person to blame is the Attorney General. In such cases he would need to keenly advise govt over such blunders.

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