Bulambuli: Police Recovers Body Of Killed Security Guard

Police has recovered the body of Alex Sekajja, a security guard who was kidnapped and killed by a group of angry residents who raided Bulegeni Farm Institute in Bulambuli district last Thursday.  

The Deceased was attached to RPS Security firm.

The incident occurred after Paul Nyanga, an area resident trespassed with a herd of cows into Bulegeni, a farm affiliated to the National Agricultural Research Organization –NARO.  His animals were impounded by the security guards at the farm.

Nyanga then attempted to forcefully drive away his herd before Sekajja opened fire killing him instantly. In Vengeance, residents raided the farm, destroyed several property and kidnapped Sekajja whose whereabouts remained unknow until  Jacob Opolot, the Elgon Regional Police Commander announced that sekajja’s body had been found hidden 5 kilometers away from the scene of the incident.

His gun is yet to be found.
Opolot explains that the angry mob beat the security guard to death, stuffed his body in a sack and buried it in the bush.

He added that 18 people have been arrested in connection to the incident. The suspects include Stephen Mwanga, the cultural leader of the Shana minority tribe who has been embroiled in a land dispute with the farm.

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