Bebe Cool Blasts DJs For Not Playing Uganda Music

Gagamel Phamily boss Big Size Bebe cool has blasted DJs, TV and Radio Stations that opt to play more of Nigerian and Jamaican music than Ugandan music.

Bebe Cool on Stage thrilling his fans
Bebe Cool on Stage thrilling his fans

“I personally pity them coz they do not have a single idea how hard it was to push out Lingala music making Ugandan music a priority hence creating jobs for our brothers and sisters who today r stars.,” charged Bebe Cool on Social Media.

The Kokodiosis singer further advised his fellow musicians to ignore the Djs who promote Nigerian Music instead of Ugandan music.

“My advice to Ugandan artists, ignore all Ugandan DJS, TVS and Radio Stations who opt to play Nigerian music more than Ugandan.”

He however applauded the patriotic DJs who have made it a point to play Ugandan Music before.

“I fully respect all DJs who are taking Ugandan music as a priority and all the other music next.

Am not saying Nigerian music should not be played, it should be played as much as any other country music but Ugandan music must be played more. Patriotism (don’t forget in Nigeria they play Nigerian music more).”

This is not the first time people are coming up to blast the DJs for playing more of Nigerian and Jamaican Music.

Last month a concerned Uganda wrote a letter the Ugandan DJs complaining about the same issue however the DJs argue that Uganda Music still lacks quality and that the musicians should put in much effort to produce quality work.

3 thoughts on “Bebe Cool Blasts DJs For Not Playing Uganda Music

    1. produce good music and videos and they will be played all the tyme not fake stuff lyk the one you have just released in that unfinished house get serious and the djs will play your songs remember they r in business and customer is their boss so they do what the customers wnt not what you fake ugandan musicians want, thats why chameleone is not complain coz he produces good stuff learn brada

  1. Ugandan music lacks creativity and originality. Oftentimes our “musicians” (for absence of a better word) imitate – Jamaican, Nigerian, South African, etc Others have gone ahead to pirate music. Why subject Ugandan listeners to badly pirated stuff and poor imitations when we can hear the original creations.

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