Another Court Order Throws Lukwago Out Of Office

The Court of Appeal has blocked the execution of an order by Justice Lydia Mugambe reinstating Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago to office. The Order was issued a few hours after Lukwago resumed work at City Hall. 


A sole Judge Steven Kavuma overturned the Friday ruling by Justice Lydia Mugambe, hence restraining Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago from assuming office. Justice Kavuma ruled that Lukwago must remain out of office until an appeal by Attorney General Peter Nyombi is disposed off.

The new twist prolongs months of legal battles surrounding Lukwago’s controversial impeachment by KCCA Councillors in November last Year. Lukwago lost the vote by 29-3 councilors.

Earlier, Lukwago arrived at Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA at 8:40a.m amidst a heavy police presence and ululations from his supporters, who were lined up on the streets adjacent to city hall.

There were no attempts to block him from accessing the premises. A few of his supporters were gathered at the Mayor’s Parlor inside the Authority to receive him.

Today’s events follow a high court ruling on Friday which halted the planned election of Lukwago’s replacement by the Electoral Commission. Polls had been scheduled for April 17.

In her ruling, Justice Lydia Mugambe stated that the injunctive orders against the EC not to organize by-elections will be in place until Lukwago’s main application, in which he is challenging the KCCA tribunal report that led to his controversial impeachment on November 25 last year, is disposed off.

Lukwago told journalists thereafter that the developments at city hall and subsequent legal battles over the last four months were a learning experience for him and his team.

He applauded Kampala Residents, the Media and the Courts of Law for upholding the Constitution and not to be swayed by politics.

“it has been a protracted legal battle, it has not been easy, but am gratified that I have struggled resiliently and am happy to thank everyone who has stood by me, my legal team for ensuring that I regain my seat”, Lukwago noted.

He appealed to councilors and the technical staff at KCCA to work with him in order to serve the interests of the people of Kampala.

10 thoughts on “Another Court Order Throws Lukwago Out Of Office

  1. Did Mayor LUKWAGO and his supporters cerebrate too early ? The way out now is for his team to try peace talks with government. Otherwise, Mr LUKWAGO will not see his seat again. The strategy by government is to block him out until his term of office ends.

  2. Museveni.Musisi and Tumwebaze should be declared political mad people in the Government of NRM who are pushing Judge Sole Steven Kavuma to overturn the Friday ruling by Justice Lydia Mugambe other than waiting to hear what comes from their appear

    Restraining Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago from assuming office by Justice Kavuma ruled that Lukwago must remain out of office until an appeal by attorney General Peter Nyombi is disposed off is abuse of Law of Uganda since nothing so far has transpired as per now
    What is in the Pipeline cannot stop the existing actual existence of the enjoyable life manifested in the face of all Ugandans.The Dreams of Justice Kavuma should keep holding as Lukwago enjoys working with his People of Kampala.
    Museveni,Musisi,Tumwebaze and now Justice Kavuma are chasing the wind and better be advised keep calm waiting for the final decision to be exposed by God alone in order to create a lasting solution to the political nonsenses created by the NRM government.

  3. Now this is outright, full blown madness !!! This circus is not only diabolical, but also goes on to expose the intentions of the complainants. Its not about justice any more, but rather a campaign to see Lukwago out of office. Its absurd

  4. When a case is before Justice Kavuma, there can be no guessing about what he will rule. It can clearly be seen that the hasty Kavuma ruling, even before the Attorney general’s appeal is lodged was ultimately motivated by the desire to score political points, not to uphold justice. What is wrong with the AG appealing while Lukwago is in office?

    Let’s wait for the supreme court. We hope they will follow their precedent as in the case of the rebel MPs and stop those in legal darkness from driving our country into anarchy.

  5. Nolonger a legal battle,it is a political one.In politics the strong survives

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