Amama Still NRM Secretary General – M7

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has refuted media reports that the country’s Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi who also serves as the ruling party’s Secretary General had been replaced.

In a statement issued on Thursday, president Museveni says owing to the fact that Amama Mbabazi is a busy man, he last year appointed the Hon. Todwong as Minister without Portfolio in charge of Mobilization to help the Secretary General run the day to day activities of mass political work.

He added that Todwong is not the new Secretary General of the party.

Read the Full Statement here;

I have read what was in the papers today regarding the NRM Parliamentary Caucus meetings of Monday and Tuesday, 3rd and 4th March, 2014.

Those meetings spent some time discussing the rumours, which have been circulating, with a view to ending them and galvanize the cohesion of the Movement. Unfortunately, the media has put out a lot of distortions purporting to be relaying the conclusions of these Caucus meetings.

The allegation that the Secretary-General, the Rt. Hon. Mbabazi, had been replaced by the Hon. Todwong, for instance, is not true. The Secretary-General is still the Secretary-General. However, on account of being very busy as Prime Minister, I, some time last year, appointed the Hon. Todwong as Minister without Portfolio in charge of Mobilization to help the Secretary General run the day to day activities of mass political work. He is, however, not Secretary General. The Deputy Secretary-General, Hon. Dorothy Hyuha, was appointed as Ambassador and posted to Tanzania as our High Commissioner.

On the issue of referring some NRM Leaders to the Disciplinary Committee, this was a misrepresentation because the various levels of NRM, including CEC, are still studying the sources and authenticity of these rumours.

In any case the NRM Parliamentary Caucus did not pass formal Resolutions. Therefore, the NRM supporters are requested to stay calm and continue with their normal work. The leadership, under my oversight, is handling all the issues caused by the rumours.

Yoweri K. Museveni

6th March, 2014

4 thoughts on “Amama Still NRM Secretary General – M7

  1. I will conjure with the president on this which clearly states that rtd hon min Amama is A CEREMONIAL party secretary general but still the question remains that if he actualy did the changes last year then why did he wait up to now to announce its because the is a cause which is known clearly to media and seeking and informed citizens

  2. okay not forgetting; borrowing hon mwiru’s and hon NAMBOOZE’S grillings of hon Kakooza on CBS yesterday would like to seriously echo this hon mbabazi is a very big thorn to the muzei, capable of disrupting the country as him formerly being security minister so he participated in intelligences and more so recruitments in army, police in actual sense all security organs :: the royalty issue now disgruntling our neighbors S. Sudan may arise which may cause turmoil in our now secure and peaceful Uganda.
    So if the president has the courtesy to defend and try to give remorse applause to the now fallen amama it serves us innocents better and to an advantage.
    Thirdly this goes to those noise making and non essentials that some were born yesterday when amama was already dealing with our big man of the country the likes of hon Anite Eve because the big man shares long and over due history with him so they should always know their limits of involvement BUT the best thing is always mutual and cordial agreements as its not about MUZEI OR HON AMAMA but our COUNTRY AT STAKE HERE!!!I

  3. If there is one person to be severely affected by the present NRM commotion, is President Museveni. This is called ‘being in the middle of a rock and a hard surface. President Museveni, you have your children the, Twodog, Anite, the NRM youth groups etc to blame. In state house you reason with them and as children they take your composure and concern over the scheming to be the same when they’re out. One thing though, as I can see, you’re cutting the same branch you’re sitting on.

    President Museveni, I know its’ not easy for you to accommodate the Ideal that someday, someone will have to be in state house whether you living or passed on but try to come to term with reality. There is no crime with Amama or any Ugandan coveting the president’s office. He (Amama) doesn’t have to inform you that he is soliciting support for the same but if you think you can still stand, then accept to go to the NRM polls. Don’t make a mistake of thinking that you’re the alpha and omega of NRM just as your predecessor President Amin did, its’ a risky and deadly gamble.

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