500 Deaf Persons Get Hearing Aid In Northern Uganda

Over 500 persons with hearing impairments from northern Uganda have benefitted from a donation of hearing aids from Starkey foundation, a charity that provides treatment for the deaf.

Some of the beneficiaries of the hearing aid donation in Gulu
Some of the beneficiaries of the hearing aid donation in Gulu

Skye Girardin, the international mission liason with Starkey foundation, says up to 1000 hearing aids will be given to the beneficiaries. He said that as long as one can hear some sound, a hearing aid would help them improve their hearing.

Hearing aids contains a silicon chip comprising millions of electrical components that continuously process incoming sound, convert it into clearer and more audible sounds and then release these at the appropriate sound level into the ear.

The hearing aids distributed on Monday and Tuesday to the deaf from Gulu, Apac, Kitgum, Amuru and other districts.

Hillary Oryema, deaf in his left ear, says he had been unable to hear properly for one year before receiving his hearing aid.

The foundation is working in partnership with Medical Missions, Global Health and St Monica Girls tailoring school to promote hearing care and awareness through the support of hearing research, education and charitable programs.

Each year, the foundation donates thousands of free hearing aids to needy individuals and children.

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