Wadri Upbeat On New Appointment

Former PAC chairman Kassiano Wadri
Former PAC chairman Kassiano Wadri

Terego County Member of Parliament Kassiano Wadri welcomes his deployment to the Government assurances committee saying it’s an opportunity for him to ensure that Ugandans get hold of all promises made by government.

Wadri was redeployed to chair the committee on government assurances in a shadow cabinet reshuffle announced by the leader of opposition Wafula Oguttu yesterday. He has over the last two and ahalf years chaired the public accounts committee.

Kassiano is upbeat about the new task and says he will keep reminding government of the numerous promises it has made to Ugandans in the different sectors and ensure that Ugandans do not get a raw deal.

Wadri further notes that chairing the Public Accounts Committee is a very tasking job which he was privileged to hold and undertake to the best of his ability.

He adds that the committee’s  biggest challenge is that it is the busiest committee in parliament and that a person’s springboard for him or her to perform must be giving fulltime attention to the various Audit reports submitted by the auditor general.

He welcomes his successor, Alice Alaso to the Public Accounts Committee adding that he will be willing to support, guide and advise her whenever called upon to do so. Kassiano advised Alaso to offer herself to the committee saying that PAC is a full time office which requires a lot of commitment and experience.

4 thoughts on “Wadri Upbeat On New Appointment

  1. They look healthy and well fed with the tax payer´s money.How do the peasants in their constituency look?

  2. This is the TRUE LEADER’s spirit Wadri!!!!……I like yr persprctive!!!….
    People like Otto are total shames!!!….He wants to DIRECT his appointment!!….sorry!!

  3. Congratulations Wandri, we are still watching you and wish you also the road to presidency. Personally i can not see anyone leading us after Museveni apart from yo, that is, if you continue to serve us like that. Thankyou

  4. Thumbs up Wadri, that is what they call political maturity, guess you are more patriotic than some people who think they are very important in FDC and therefore untouchable and can scare the leadership of FDC at any time

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