South Sudan Rebels Burn Ugandan Woman And Her Child

South Sudanese rebels have allegedly burnt a Ugandan woman together with her 4-year-old daughter to death to protest the involvement of UPDF in the conflict in their country.

South Sudan Rebels
South Sudan Rebels

Joan Namudu reportedly met her death on Sunday when the rebels took over Gadiang, about 80 kilometers from Bor Town.

Solomon Titre, a Ugandan eye witness says the rebel forces also killed several South Sudanese during the fierce fighting with government forces, which lasted for close to 9 hours.

He says Namudu’s body is still in the custody of south Sudanese government forces as the situation is still tense.

The brutal murder of Namudu has shocked many Ugandans who have already received warnings of retaliatory attacks from the rebels.

Vincent Buruga, a Ugandan journalist based in Eastern Equatoria state says they are living in fear following the threats by the rebels to attack them.

Buruga says despite the fact that the rebels have not attacked any Ugandans in Eastern Equatoria state since the war started; they are concerned about the threats.

Major John Majanga, the south Sudanese Liaison officer based in West says despite the renewed fighting in Gadiang area, Ugandans living there should not be worried. He suspects the burning of Namudu and her child was an isolated case.

Clashes between soldiers loyal to President Salvar Kiir and his former vice President Reik Machar started in December last year displacing thousands of people.

UPDF deployed in South Sudan on the request of President Salva Kiir to president Yoweri Museveni. The UPDF has since helped the south Sudanese rebels to recapture some towns that had fallen to the rebel forces.

However, Uganda is currently under immense pressure from Western countries to withdrawal its forces from the country.

6 thoughts on “South Sudan Rebels Burn Ugandan Woman And Her Child

  1. Why should ugandans continue to die innocently in a foriegn land please East west home is best.

  2. Hey guys, Uganda should be very careful. The rebels did not come to Uganda to kill innocent Ugandans but are showing frustration with Uganda Government for joining in the fight against them in support of President Kiir. Did Ugandans ever ask themselves whether the same scenario can happen here in Uganda? Assuming that the same happens in Uganda rest assured that your government will also be assisted by SPLA to put down any discontent in Uganda. I would suggest the pressure group in Uganda to pressure Ugandan Government to withdraw its forces from South Sudan and be a peace initiator rather than being a war monger. Remember, one another medicine is another person’s poison.

  3. RIP Namuddu, but really with all the fighting Namuddu should have left that place earlier on. If that place is 80km not=rth of Jonglei than its reall far and am suprised that Namuddu was still holed in there despite the warnings and killings. Anyhow RIP!

  4. The root problem of South Sudan is the Pure Political Crisis in Sudan Central Africa to know of on the Lado or of the Lado Enclave issue still being kept secrete by Great Britain and Belgium on World International Politics ; that is of the Sovereign Status issue of Lado in Africa and so in having to be Free still — Freedom of Lado


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