Samsung Unveil TWO New Smartwatches That’ll Tell The Time And Help Keep You Fit

ABOUT TIME: The new Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch has been unveiled by Samsung {SAMSUNG}
ABOUT TIME: The new Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch has been unveiled by Samsung {SAMSUNG}

Like buses…you wait for the new Galaxy smartwatch, then two arrive at the same time!

Samsung have today announced their all new timepieces.

And these updated devices will not only tell you the time but will also keep an eye on your health as well.

The premium Galaxy Gear 2 is an update to the original Galaxy watch whilst the new kid on your wrist is the cheaper Galaxy Gear Neo.

Both models feature a 1.63-inch AMOLED display, 4GB of internal memory and an intergrated heart rate monitor on the back of the device.

Popping one of these on your wrist will help keep an eye on your daily fitness routine…or lack of it.

The Galaxy Gear 2 also features a 2MP camera which now sits on the watch face rather than the strap.

This snapper has been ditched on the Neo which we’re guessing will help keep its cost down.

One of the issues with the old Gear watch was its poor batery life and strangely, the battery in these new devices is now even smaller.

However, Samsung have swapped Android on these latest Gear watches for the new Tizen OS which will hopefully be less thirsty on the new diddy battery.

You’ll still need a Samusung phone to get the best out of the Galaxy Gear, but this might not be such an issue with Samsung expected to announce the Galaxy S5 tomorrow.

The original Gear watch met with mixed reviews, and Samsung will be hoping their latest offerings will go down better with critics and the paying public.

Adapted from The Daily Star

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