Obama Urged To Recall Uganda Envoy Over Anti-gay Bill

US President Barack Obama.
US President Barack Obama.

Human Rights Watch has said the United States should recall its ambassador to Uganda and review diplomatic relations after the Uganda’s leader said he would sign into law a bill prescribing life imprisonment for homosexuals. 

The New York-based group also said Uganda’s international donor partners should “clearly and publicly” specify the consequences for relations with Uganda if the Anti-Homosexuality bill becomes law.

“There is real urgency now that [Yoweri] Museveni has stated his intention to sign the bill,” Daniel Bekele, the Africa director for Human Right Watch, said on Wednesday, referring to the Ugandan president.

“The US should temporarily recall the ambassador to conduct strategic consultations on the US/Uganda relationship, while making clear the range of concerns for yet another clawback to human rights in Uganda.”

Human Rights Watch said the bill violates the country’s human rights obligations and would act as a barrier to advancing critical public health goals.

It called for a review of funding assistance to Uganda to ensure that US funds are not used to further prosecution of anyone under the homosexuality law.

“In particular funding for the police should be subject to close scrutiny as they would be legally mandated to enforce this law,” the group said.

Though popular among Ugandans who insist homosexuality is a “vice” from Western countries, the bill has attracted criticism from world leaders as it seeks to increase penalties for some forms of consensual same-sex conduct between adults and infringe on constitutionally protected rights to privacy.

21 thoughts on “Obama Urged To Recall Uganda Envoy Over Anti-gay Bill

  1. There is urgent need to dismiss your services in Uganda Mr. Daniel Bekele, continue watching your human rights elsewhere

  2. These so called human right watch are all these gayest Americans pushing with selfish interest please leave this country alone as poor it is small it is we have law and law personality domestically who performs intelligently so we dont need remote control from external world use your excess resources to buy sex. we are sorry Obama is African but he has entirely betrayed Africans so we need a generation that will moral develop the nation

  3. thank you all of you who supported hs excellence to sign the bill into law let join our hand work hard in order to resist from outside force

  4. Daneil Bekele, why not first ask US to review the same with Ethiopia where it’s also illegal?

  5. Your comments show your small-mindedness and naivety. Maybe as you grow up in to an adult you may realise you are allowed an opinion of your own that differs from the majority, and learn that individualism and decision making for ones self is a basic human right. Follow the masses if it makes you feel big, but use your bravado for something a little more useful than ushering racist comments over the internet.

  6. Human rights watch can be very blind to reality in our countries in such a way that any right minded person would question their intelligibility! Not Mr. Obama and not any other power has means to protect those they claim to care for in Uganda and yet they speak as though they can! We have many fundamental issues to solve such as malaria and so on, and no one from out there has ever come to our aid, now here they are: wasting their guts on non essentials. Recalling American envoy will not stop life in Uganda, if he can let Obama dare do it! We won’t even notice!

    1. David and all, if you are right that Uganda has many fundamental issues to solve such as malaria, whey then did the entirre parliament spend precious time discussion homosexuality and pass the iniquitous bill? Are there no other important issues to spend time on? Then there is another bill on miniskirts and pornography–why spend valuable time discussing trivial issues that are better left to personal moral judgement? I think as a nation we need to be more careful on what we call priorities. The USA as a global leader has a every right and duty to monitor human rights violations whereever they occur. Did Uganda not freely enshrine the bill of rights in its constitution, that includes rights of minorities? Is Uganda not a signatory to the UN conventions for the protection of rights of all regardless of race, gender, sex and creed? Why then turn around and start crying foul when the same regime of rights is used to bring us to account? Then the scientists put themselves to shame by declaring that there no known homosexual gene–is there a heterosexual gene? If this was a scientific work worthy of the name, whey did not precede the parliamentary bill? The so called scientific study was merely an arm-chair scholar’s work that was meant to affirm what was already concluded. When was the research done and where and with what sample? If this scientific finding was valid how come other countries such as South Africa, USA, and the rest of Europe have not come up with any scientific claims on gay and lesbian behaviour? The equally strange assertion is that homosexual behaviour is unafrican and yet there over 20 countries in Africa where homosexuality is not illegal–are these not African countries? Granted that there are some minorities who happen to be homosexual be it by acquired behaviour or born so, why not leave such people to live their life unless they commit sexual offences just like heterosexuals are treated? In a world that is rapidly globalized and integrated, Uganda will do well to wake up and recognize that times have changed and it cannot remain like an isolted island. It also defeats logic for a corrupt country that is struggling with high poverty levels and challenges of democritizaiton to be obsessed with sexual morality as the main priority. One is tempted to think that this whole saga about homosexuality and miniskirts is a deliberate diversion to hoodwink masses from raising fundamental questions about political transition come 2016 and wanton corruption that has arrested economic progress in Uganda. The donor countries are right to challenge Uganda on this misplaced zeal on sexual orientation. They are right to challenge the government on spending the little funds from donors that will be spent on surveilance on what consenting adults are doing in the privacy of their homes. They are right to chellenge the government on wasting precious time setting up centers for monitoring adults on how they live their private lives. The fact that those who might be gay are not coming out to demonstrate in streets should not be mistaken to mean that they not exist. See how some Kenyans took to the streets to protest in support of Ugandan gay community. In a sexually repressive and homophobic society such as Uganda, do not expect gay people to show up and disclose their orientation. Thsi is what those law makers and overzealous moralists should know. Let the words of Pope Francis be our guide: who are we to judge?

      1. Tom you have have written too much like an elite and highly educated fella in support of gays rights.But thank you because you have the right to debate but your education is valueless your head is empty, just filled with an idea of penetrating male being in the anus.
        US banned a polygamy, is it not some ones right to have two wives? Who in which hell protested this fundamental human right abuse of USA?
        Secondly,if USA is fighting for real human rights,how many times has Obama showed his nose for the abuse of rights of freedom to assembly,speech,justice in Uganda and which donation sector has been threatened as punitive measure for the abuse of these rights?
        We Ugandans, have tradition with values unlike Americans,we know where we come from unlike Americans and we prefer those of you who are caught up in these western life style should leave our precious land and go to the western countries.
        Uganda is God fearing Country if any where in the Bible homosexuality is supported, bring the Bible reference forward and we shall be sorry to be disloyal to God and to the homos community.
        Mind you life in prison is so lenient otherwise they deserve to die on spot.
        The best advice for Obama is to just close his offices at Nsambya and take his boys and girls home lets see Uganda ending that day if they think is the case.
        Uganda existed before American came in and will continue to be there when American leaves period.

      2. I dont agree that the USA has the right to impose their views on others because it is a `global leader’. However,. it has the right because it is giving Uganda hundreds of millions of dollars in aid. As such, it has a perfect right. Ugandans go on about how they dont need aid but they dont have the first idea what would happen if it was withdrawn. People wont get paid, people will be sacked in their thousands and people will die in their hundreds of thousands from AIDS-related illnesses. And who is going to be the first to moan about that? The very same Ugandana who are laying into Obama here.

      3. “The USA as a global leader has a every right and duty to monitor human rights violations wherever they occur”. You are really dreaming!! Where was your global monitor during the Rwandan Genocide? Where is it when many of the weak countries are being exploited by multinational companies to the extend of commercializing diseases? wake up to reality. Is united states part to the Universal declaration of human rights? off course no! Natural Law makes homosexuality abnormal irrespective of what majority may stand for. Moreover, for Christians, the Bible does not permit it, and therefore it cannot be acceptable as normal.

    2. No one has come to your aid? Uganda recieves hundreds of millions dollars every year from western countries. But I can assure you that this support will stop with this new law. Let’s see how long it then will take until Uganda will revoke this law.
      Your ignorance is depressing.

      1. Exactly. How ignorant can you be. America funds ALL Uganda’s HIV care -the lot. Without it, people would be dying in their hundreds of thousands.Unfortunately I dont believe that the aid will be withdrawn though. America needs Uganda in Somalia and the hardnosed CIA’s views will prevail over Obama’s.

        1. America has a duty to correct the mess of some its greedy scientists. Off course they need Uganda! Can they dare do without us? They cannot.

      2. Tell me where does that aid you are referring to goes to. Do you think any country can be developed by aid?

  7. The United States of America should understand that Uganda shall not bend on the evil acts of America to be imposed to hell with the wishes of President Obama to turn Uganda a dumping Homosexuality ground

  8. If this Bekele is in Uganda, he should be dclared Persona Non Grata. Do you think that if Obama recalled his envoy we would die?

  9. Mr Bekele, as an African, you are also saying such a thing. Your work at the human rights watch and gone human wrong. If your mother and father did not come together would you have been born. If you are trying to impress some people in order to keep your job, then SORRY

  10. Human Rights to fight the Commandments of God are no rights instead are poison to destroy the people who embrace such way of thinking over the awkward and funny rights.

  11. The outsider never give us money for free. They simply trade with us. They always have interests. so don’t be deceived that it ids we who benefits if at all we do, they too do.

  12. The truth is, most of Americans do not believe in God??? Thank you Mr. Museveni for opening the eyes of this so called supper power people. The Bible was written more than ten thousand years ago, and it has stated clearly Homosexuality is wrong and its a very big crime and indeed the scientists have also proved the Homosexual is just an unnatural behavioral acts learned from others who are already lost and which is forbidden. The USA or the western leaders are misleading the entire world. I hope they will accept their mistakes and be corrected in time before the world is perished. The Human rights aid are also being brainwashed, how can they allow Obamas to break laws and think they are giving freedom to those who think they are right and yet they are wrong. They are asking why the rate of the madness is increasing in the world and yet people are being allowed to use drugs like marijuana freely.

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